Monday, November 10, 2014

Six Months Down! (11/10/14)

Wow, what a week. Just like everyone in the family, I had my ups and downs throughout the week but I can say one thing. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I felt this peace inside of me during the whole week that I knew that I was going to be okay and that everyone in my family was going to be okay as well. I could literally feel Uncle Al with me. I knows hes watching and hes still with all of us. 

The way I decided to deal with this trial of Uncle Al was work as hard as I can. The truth is, the girls I am living with have a different way of working. They are much more relaxed and are obedient, but not exactly. I felt prompted that I was sent to Dolores to change things. I gained the courage to talk to my companion. I told her we were going to change some things and that it was time to be exactly obedient and more organized because its not our time that we are wasting. She was so wonderful and this week we worked so hard. I was able to literally forget myself, my problems, everything and just emerse myself in the work. There is still SO many things that I need to change about myself and this area but its a start. The truth is, Dolores is a very very hard area. The members believe that the missionaries run the church. The gossip about us and are the farthest thing from supportive. Its so hard. I have been praying and praying as to what to do and nothing has come yet, so I am just going to keep working hard. I know I am here in Dolores for a reason but this sure is the hardest time in my mission so far. 

I had a beautiful opportunity to share my testimony with a woman while we were traveling home from Zone meeting this week. She is an english teacher and she started to speak english with me. It was SO hard to speak english. It doesnt flow. I changed to speaking spanish because it was easier! But, she told me how her sister died of cancer this week. With tears in my eyes, I told her how my uncle died this week of cancer too but I know where he is and that I would love to teach her about where her sister is. She accepted and lives here in Dolores. She isnt in my area so I dont get to teach her but it is amazing how Heavenly Father puts people in our paths. 

This week I had my 6 month mark in the mission. Its so weird to think about how far I have come. My old district leader is now my zone leader and when he heard me talk he told me that he didnt believe it was me because of my progress. I got asked 2 times this week if I am from Spain because my accent! I dont have a lisp like spain so idk whats going on haha. I am realizing just how much heavenly father is blessing me. 

I got the opportunity to teach a family this week about the Restoracion. It was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever had. The whole family said at the end that they could feel that it was true and that the peace they feel is something they have never known. The gospel truly changes everything and I am so thankful for that!

My companion is teaching me how to cook and I can offically cook brazilian food! Its SO good! There are also blackberry trees all over and it happened to be our lunch one day this week. 

RUSSEL M NELSON is coming to speak to our mission on thursday!! I AM so excited!!!

Seeing the picture of all the cousins together was a hard one to see. I miss all of you and am so sad I couldnt be there for the funeral. But, I was there in spirit. Now its time that we all can move forward and remember to always be as happy as Uncle Al. Because, that is exactly what he would want. 

I love each and every one of you. Be strong. And always rely on the atonement! 

Con muchismo amor, 
Hermanita Root

1. There are dead frogs everywhere!
2. 6 months sign from my companions
3. My district
4. My companion Hermana Vasconcellos

5. Blackberries

Home in One Year! (11/3/14)

Hola familia, 

As I am writing this, my heart is extremely full. I am extremely grateful for this knowledge I have and this gospel in my life. It is very hard to pass through times like these so far from home. Knowing that Uncle Al is gone is a feeling I cant understand. I feel so happy for him because I KNOW where he is. I know that he is going to have an opportunity to hear this gospel from missionaries just like me, and I know I will see him again. I know we can be a family forever and nothing will seperate us. I know now hes going to be with me in these final 12 months here in Argentina. It is us that are the ones that will suffer. I will miss him tremendously. He truly taught me how to enjoy life and love everyone. The things I have learned from him I will never forget. Now, we all need to be strong for him. Because I know he doesnt want us to be sad. He wants to enjoy this life just like he did. 

It was a hard week again. This was on my mind all week long. I couldnt sleep and started to have my lovely anxiety problems again. But, on sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to fast and I fasted that our family would have the strength to support whatever Gods plan is for us. I know that he has a plan and he needed uncle al more than we need him. Mom told me how she knows Grandma Hoyt will be right there when he passes and I know hes with Grandma Hoyt right now. 

I learned more about how real the atonement is this week. When things get hard, remember that someone has already experienced this exact same thing. I know my savior knows exactly how I feel. He will be with me always and he will always comfort me. I feel so sad right now, but at the same time a peace that I know is coming from him.

I also saw miracles in the week. My companion got better and we could finally leave and work. It was so good for me to be able to work again. We worked so hard and it helped me deal with all of this a little better. I truly love my companion. She is teaching my portugese and we teach so well together. Its a lot of pressure because I am the senior companion and she ahs very little time in the mission so I have to lead in just about everything but I am recieving so much strength from my heavenly father. 

On halloween, my companions and I celebrated the American way and bought candy and dressed up and trick or treated at our own house. We bought a pumpkin and carved pumpkins and made german pancakes. I was Messi, the famous soccer player from Argentina. 

This day marks a very special day, in exactly one year from today, my flight  will be landing in the states and I will be finishing the mission. It seems so long but also so short. 

I am in La Plata, a beautiful city in our mission for zone conference. I woke up at 4 AM to leave dolores to get here and will be here till tomorrow night. 

I am thankful that I am here in Argentina. That I have this opportunity to serve a mission. I am thankful for these trials because I know that god knows that I can support them. This mission and the experiences in it are the hardest things I have ever been through, but I know its helping be become who I need to be. 

I love you all!
Chau Chau!
Hermana Root