Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 22! (9/29/14)

Buenas!! Wow P-day already, THE WEEEKS ARE FLYING! 
This week was great, but FULL of trials. We started the week off by going to our District Meeting on Tuesday and during it my companion started to seriously feel SO sick. She turned completely white and had a terrible fever. So we went home after and she was dying like the whole day. At this moment, I seriously became my mom! I was helping her with whatever she needed, cleaning, and made her favorite Argentine cookies. I seriously felt so homesick sitting in the apartment and studying the whole day! I am so glad she is better and now we can work!!

This week really my focus was on the atonement. I found so many things in my studies about it and almost all of our investigators needed it this week. We went to visit Hermana Abachino who now is ACTIVE!!!, but we asked her what the atonement meant to her and she didnt even understand what the word atonement meant. So I explained how it is the sacrifice of Christ and then how we can use it in our everyday lives. Without the atonement, I am nothing. It gives me the strength to do all of this. Its such a hard thing to be a missionary, but I cannot even describe the strength I recieve from Christ every single day!

This week was creepy man week! We were teaching one of our investigators and her husband was there too. hes about Dad`s age. We were talking about the commandments and he said, listen Hermanas, when I see a pretty girl, I am going to stare and then repent (in front of his wife!) For example, when I see Hermana Root, I cant help but stare at those eyes, and then I repent when she Leaves!!! (OH MY GOSH!!) I felt SOO uncomfortable! My companion lost it! She was laughing SOO hard! And then, the next day, the Uncle of one of our less actives, was walking in the street. He started to talk to us and we told him how we are looking for Yuzzely. He said okay, knock on this door and then after, lets go get married!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said, NO! haha It was so awkward! Hes like 27 and from Peru and is just weird! So sick of these stupid men!!

It was raining SO much this week and I finally went a bought new rain boots, cheetah of course, and you can be sure I have a HUGE blister all around my calf because my socks didnt go p high enough. It got infected because the gross water and Hermana Laddux, the primary president, became my personal doctor and fixed me right up but its so ugly! Yesterday at church everyone asked me what happened and I just said, oh a dog tried to bite my leg off.. Its not all a lie because I did get bit by a dog! haha

We had a wonderful experience with an investigator this week. her name is Soledad and shes 18. She has no confidence, NONE! I remembered so strongly the words of my mom all growing up, Remember who you are. We read a scripture about how shes a child of god and then talked about exactly what that means. I asked her who favorite princess is. She said Ariel. We explained the life of Ariel and how her trials were hard, but she became a princess. We then explained how she too is a princess. She was so close to crying. She finally started to see that she has worth, that shes important! I am so thankful that mom always told me that, its so important!

Yesterday we went on splits with the kids preparing to serve missions in our stake. I left with 2 girls and we went to go tracting and knock on doors. They were so cute and SO nervous! They didnt want to talk at all so I did like the first 20 houses and then finally they started to as well. It was so amazing to see their enthusiasum grow. They are just so ready to serve. It made me remember my mission prep class with Hannie and how we went to the mall in Kaneohe HI  and had to talk with 10 people and we were SOO scared and now we are both living and pro missionaries :)

This week is conference!! WHOOO! And I am pretty sure I have to watch all the sessions in spanish.. a little nervous about that but oh well! ALSO; I AM ALMOST 20!! WHOO WHOO! I was thinking about how I spent my 18th birthday playing volleyball, my 19th birthday on the beach eating coconut pumpkin pie with my favorite hawaii girls, and my 20th in ARGENTINA! WOW! I am so blessed to be able to know all the people I know and have been to all of these places!

Ready for another week and to continue in this amazing work!
love you all!
Chau chau!

Hermana Root 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 21 (9/22/14)

Hola Hola a todos! What a long and great week! Seriously, I am so thankful to be here! To be a Missionary! And to have this gospel! I am so blessed with EVERYTHING! 

The honest truth is, this week was probably the hardest week in my mission. Everything about it was trying and tested everything I have, but at the end of it, I am still living and I have learned a lot.

Starting with last Monday! We got done with Ciber and writing our families and left to go to a family home evening with a less active family. Last minute, they canceled so we went to catch a bus to go visit another less active widow. We saw our bus coming and started to run and just jumped on. Hermana and I just started talking about what letters we got and how everyone in our family is and the next thing we knew, we were at walmart (which is not in our area!!) I realized we had got on the wrong bus. It was 7 pm and all dark! We got off at the next stop and just started walking back towards our area! This is where I got bit by the dog so I was walking SO fast! We were laughing the whole time but in reality it was SO scary! But we survived! And its only my first time getting lost in this HUGE city!

The next few days we tried to contact all of our investigators but no one wanted anything. For example, we have an investigator named Paola. She is 22 and she told us between 4-6 is the best time to come over. so we came to her house in these hours for weeks, she never was there. One day she was home and said I am working. Listen chicas, I have a life! SO RUDE! After this, I snapped. We had been walking the entire day and having no success. I just vented to Hermana Nava and said ÿeah I remember when I had a life before the mission, BUT I LEFT IT ALL FOR YOU!¨ After my venting, I repented and wasn't angry but it is just so frustrating at times. We are here to help them and when we knock on their door they send someone else to say they aren't there or avoid us and its just hard at times.

Because we had no success with the investigators, we decided to turn to the ward directory and contact the less actives in our area. There's about 100. Long story short, we got the door slammed in our face for 3 days straight. We walked about 20 miles everyday (or more) and ended the week with 4 lessons. There was a point where I just broke down and cried but during all this time, I remembered Christ. He was rejected, people hated him, but that didn't matter. He had a mission and a message to share, and he kept going. We did the same thing and kept going. The end of the week got so much better! 

Last night we ran into an old investigator named Julia. She is about 50. She told us to come in and we had a beautiful lesson about the atonement. She shared with us that she was with her husband for 8 years and how he abused her to the point that now she cannot read because her brain is messed up from being hit in the head so many times. She has so much pain just built up inside of her. While I was listening to this story, I literally felt her burden. And about a minute later, I was filled with love. I could feel the love that Heavenly Father has for this woman. It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in the mission so far. God truly loves and knows each and every one of us and with his love, we can use the atonement to remove all the pain that we have inside.

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of giving a talk in sacrament meeting. Our ward really is slacking in working together with us so, I got real with them. I read D&C 60:2. All of you go and read it. I shared the experience of Juan, our convert, and how he brought the gospel to Analia. Really, I dont know how I was able to do it. I wrote it all down but I didnt look at the paper once! And people were crying!! (I hope it was the spirit!) I just can't believe that I can actually speak this language!

Another miracle of the week is that Family Abachino, less actives, have a goal to be sealed in the temple as a family in December!!! I was SOO happy!!

This week was so hard, but I learned a lot. I am so thankful to be here in the mission. Its the most happiness I have ever had in my life. I wouldnt trade it for anything.

I love you all and FELIZ PRIMAVERA! I know its fall at home but here its spring and its starting to be so beautiful! 

Have a wonderful week!
Chau chau!
Hermana Root

photos: This week I missed home so I made us hamburgers and fries for lunch! The typical american food :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hola Hola! (9/15/14)

Greetings from Argentina! Currently I am sitting in a Kiosko with ghetto computers while outside 2 men are in a screaming fight! Welcome to my beautiful life with the latinos! hahah this week was great! Hermana Nava and I seriously are great partners and have been working so hard this week! She is 22 from Chiwawa Mexico and so much fun! She is a complete Latina! I am starting to become more of a Latina everyday. For exercise in the morning we listen to Disney music and do aerobics. She is trying to teach me how to dance like a Latina but I am just a little to white for that. 

First off, I got the package from everyone! Thank you! Candy from the states, new pajamas, and MUSIC THAT'S NOT SPANISH HYMNS! It wasn't even opened my the psycho Argentine government! WHOO! Thank you for the letters and pictures and everything. I felt a little bit of home when I opened it and it was just what I needed. 

This week was my turn to lead, in everything! I had to navigate in the streets, call the investigators, pay the bills, EVERYTHING! Heavenly Father gave me so much strength! I do not know how I was able to do it all, but I did! 

Crazy experience this week. There is a street in our area called Berutti. It is the most dangerous and we are only allowed to be there in certain hours of the day. We had a reference that lived here so we went at 11 a.m. to go and contact her. I walked into the sketchy pathway that lead to her ¨house¨which is more like a cave, and I had the strongest impression not to enter. I couldn't even move my feet another step. Immediately Hermana Nava and I started running to the next street! We have no idea what could have happened but we always have the spirit with us so nothing bad will happen. I am so thankful for the spirit! I am following through with my promise to Sayge that I will always follow the spirit!

On Wednesday we were walking and walking and having no luck. We had walked like 12 miles, no joke and both of us were just so tired. I was almost in tears and said a little prayer that we would find someone to teach. We had contacted almost all of our investigators and back-up plans and had no one. The name of Familia Espiñdola came to my mind. I thought it was a waste of time because they NEVER answer the door but I followed the impression and we went. They WERE home and for the first time in almost a year, the dad of this family let us in (he is not a member, and the family is less active) and we taught him! He told us to come back and we have another appointment for later this week! Heavenly Father listens to our prayers!! 

We were walking through this neighborhood and we saw an old lady trying to take out her trash. We ran to help and put all of her trash in the street for her (people here throw bags of trash in the street and a truck comes and picks it up) She started to talk to us and she was about 75 years old and was so sweet. She looked at me and said I know that those eyes are not Argentine. Where are you from? I told her the US and she asked me how I could speak castellano so well. I told her ¨Por que Dios me bendice.¨ (Because God blesses me!) She started to cry and said how grateful she was for young ladies that loved the lord. She was a STRONG catholic and doesn't want us to come back but it was such a wonderful experience. 

We had ward council this week and I really love this ward! We have a FHE every month and we were planning for October. A few people knew that my birthday is the 3rd and so The Primary President Hermana Laddux planned that we would have FHE on my birthday and she would make me a cake! It wont be pumpkin pie (first time in 20 years!) but it will do! This ward is so great.

There is a new missionary in our ward too. His name is Elder Jones and hes from Utah. It was his third day and he asked me how long I have been in the mission and I said 4 months. He asked me for advice and I realize just how far I have come! In 4 months I can practically speak this language! He was crying and so frustrated and I remembered my first week. Honestly the hardest week of my life, but look at me now! I am SPEAKING SPANISH! This week I started to study for 20 minutes only in Spanish and I can understand almost everything. Also, Hermana Nava said that I was speaking in my sleep in Spanish and inviting people to read the book of Mormon!! haha I am a missionary in my sleep too! The gift of tongues is real and I am so blessed. 

The best lesson this week was with two teenage girls Janina and Soledad. The are about my age but they have no confidence at all. We felt like we needed to teach them that they are daughters of God. I remember all my life mom telling me, remember who you are but seriously, this is the key. If we realize that we are all children of God, we realize that we have the potential to do whatever we want. 

This week was great. We worked so hard. Talked to SO many people and tried to do all Heavenly Father wants us to do. I love being a missionary. It is the best thing I have ever done, and also the hardest!

Love you all and talk to you soon!
Chau Chau!
Hermana Root

Photos: Hermana Rodas and I with a member Clara
Hermana Nava and I 
Last moment with Hermana Rodas!

Monday, September 8, 2014

And I'm In... (9/8/14)

Hola Queridos! This week was wonderful! This morning I said goodbye to my sweet ¨mother¨ and got a new companion! In the mission, your companion for your first twelve weeks is your mom or dad. This morning Hermana Rodas got transferred to the coast and I am now with Hermana Nava. She is from Mexico (I think President wants me to become Mexican because Hermana Rodas is from Mexico too) and SHE KNOWS NO ENGLISH! It´s okay though. Shes really nice and I think I will be fine! It is all a growing experience.

Wow, India won the talent show, Sayge and Shay rocked the lambies, Bay is in PRESCHOOL! Mason had his first day of school! Everyone is doing so great. I am so glad. I worry and pray about you all every single day but I honestly know that no matter what, it is all going to be okay and that we all have blessings and protection because of my choice to serve. 

This week I realized how this mission really is an opportunity. I am working so hard. Sometimes I feel like I am doing nothing but we were in the house of a member for lunch the other day and he called us the little angels of God. Avellaneda has only had Hermanas for 6 months. The Stake President felt that they needed Hermanas and I was the 4th Hermana. That is why our area is so difficult, because we really dont have a strong foundation. But I am so thankful that I was trusted enough to start here. I truly love the members and they love me too. It really is starting to become another ward family for me. 

This week I learned a lot about the power of prayer. I felt as if I wasn't doing my best following the spirit during the day. The next morning I found in Preach my Gospel an evaluation in Chapter 4 about prayer, so I did it. Far too often we are just too casual about prayer. It is SO powerful and I realized that my prayers were not in the place that they should be. I was praying and then chau, not listening to the spirit after my prayers. Right after this, we taught our investigator Giselle about prayer and the power in it. She prayed during the week and when we came back she was different. She told us how much better she felt and how she feels so much more at peace in her life. It is so real!!

We taught a less active family about the temple this week. We shared how important it is that they become married in the temple so their family can be together forever. When I started to share my testimony about this, I started to cry and at this moment I realized how blessed I am. Far too often, I take so many blessings for granted. I have always had a family that is sealed together for forever. We then helped them make a plan to prepare. We talked about family prayer. Again, I realized just how much this impacted me in my life. I remember every morning running out the door, having prayer with mom. Then everynight having prayer together as well. It really blessed my life and I am so thankful that my parents always taught me how to live this gospel. 

I now have 4 months! How fast! Somedays are really long, but when I look back on these 4 months it has been relatively fast. I know it will just continue to faster and faster so I am working hard. The truth is, this is hardest thing I have ever done. But like my dad always says, everything thats hard, is always worth it. En español, es valle la pena! 

This week I had to deal with every single day men yelling at me how beautiful my eyes are or saying bad things that I cant understand and my companion refuses to repeat. Literally every day. As soon as people see my eyes, I stick out like a sore thumb. It gets SOO old! haha

But, this week was wonderful. I learned a lot. Taught a lot of lessons. Said goodbye to my mommy, and ready to start another transfer! Only 9 more transfers left!

love you all forever and ever!
Have a wonderful week!
Hermanita Root

Happy Labor Day!! (9/1/14)

Hola hola! 
Happy Labor Day, well everyday is a day of labor here but I am so glad to be working this hard. Honestly, this week was difficult. Very difficult, but I am alive and still going!

I dont have too much time this week but I do have good news! BAPTISM!
My investigator Analia got baptized. She is 22 and the girlfriend of a new convert. We have been teaching her for a while and on Saturday was her baptism. We worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect. Usually, not many people attend from the ward but we made invitations and invited everyone! So many people came! It was packed! When I watched her step into the baptism font DYC 19:15 came into my mind. I brought this girl unto Christ. Really it wasnt me, it was the spirit working through me but it was a feeling I cannot describe. She was so happy afterwards. In that moment I was so thankful to be able to teach her and help her truly make this covenant with our Heavenly Father. 

It was FREEZING cold this week. One day I had 7 shirts and 2 pairs of pajamas under my skirt. My poor companion who is from mexico and has never experienced a winter before was DYING! But, we kept working! I really dont know how. Read Realizing your Potential by Richard G. Scott, this was the talk that described my week this week. We had every problem in the world, but saturday night with that Baptism, it all was okay and it all was worth it.

I still am suffering from the wonderful stomach flu. Argentina really is getting the best of me lately! 

We had a wonderful experience with a member this week. We are teaching the restoration to all the members in our area. We ask them how the gospel has blessed their lives. One member said how when she is tired and doesnt want to do the things she is supposed to, her husband always says, Imagine if Christ said he was tired. Imagine if Christ told God, send someone else to do this. Where would we be? This really hit me. I need to work with ALL my strength because God sent me here for a reason and I need to fulfill all that he has sent me here to do. To often we get all caught up in our own necessities and forget what really is important. 

I taught Gospel Principals yesterday all by myself! 45 minutes and EVERYONE UNDERSTOOD! It was a miracle! 

Today our mission leader moved to Capital so it was a sad day. We have become so close to them! Hermano Leo and Hermana Vanessa! They just had a baby boy and he is adorable. It is amazing how I have grown to love these people.

Well, this could be my last week in Avellaneda or not! Transfers are next monday! I will let you know then. 
Thanks for all the emails and love! I dont have much time so if I dont reply, I will next week! 

Les quiero muchisimo! 
Hermana Raiz (Root)