Monday, August 10, 2015

Great News! (8/10/15)

Hi family!
And I have a new companion and shes SOOO awesome.
Shes from chile, her name is Hermana Latoja and she has 3 months in the mission. My mini missionary left yesterday and the truth is that i grew to love her. I HAVE LEARNED A LITTTTLE MORE ABOUT CHARITY! There is no excuse, we can love ANYONE! my companion and I were so different but I can say, I LOVE HER! But now I have an awesome companion, she wants to work and shes hilarious! We are going to have the best transfer EVER!

Soooo, Yasmin and Giuliana are progressing! We taught the word of wisdom and they both didnt want to give up coffee but THEY AGREED TO! They both said how when they are in the church, they feel so peaceful and they know that this is the true church. Yasmin told me on saturday that she wants to go on the mission. THEY ARE THE BEST GIRLS EVER!!! She wrote me a note and said, hermana I know that its hard to be here in the mission but thank you. You´ve changed my life and are like the big sister I´ve never had. I started crying in the middle of sacrament meeting. I still am so emotional (the mission has not changed that part of me) But, seriously, I LOVE THESE GIRLS they are the best things ever and i am so glad God put them in my life.

We got bikes this week! We have been FLYING all over, trying to visit everyone. Our area is so big that its hard to have the time to do everything. I was SUPPER nervous that I was going to get transfered but I get to stay here in Guillón for 6 more weeks. Ill end up having like 8 months here but I dont even care. I LOVE IT!!

Its been raining SO much. They say onces it starts raining in Buenos Aires, It never will stop. I feel like I am in portland. Its horrible to be a missionary in the rain but its okay, I STILL LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

So ready to start this new transfer! I cant believe I only have 3 more left. TIMES GOING SO FAST!

Love you all!
Hermana Root

1. Zona Monte Grande
2. Hermana Chavez and I
3. When it rains, all the trash floats and infests the streets. Its SOOOO cute.
4. The ghetto part of my area is called Barrio Lindo ( or Cute Ward ) But its super funny because its not cute and its super ghetto!
5. A little girl named Ebeline!
6. Hermana Chavez, classic picture that mini missionaries like to take.
7. Familia Banegas! THE BEST FAMILY!
8. Try riding a bike in this!
9. New ride!
10. Bike riding picture!
11. Hermana Chavez last day!
12. THE NEW COMPANION! Hermana Latoja!

Alma 29 - Read it! (8/3/15)

 Hola family! wow another week has come and gone. This week was AWESOME! SERIOUSLY SOOOOO many miracles are happening her in Guillón!! I AM SO BLESSED! 

So, with the companion. Shes weird but hey, I am kinda getting used to it. If i have learned one thing this week is just to LAUGH IT OFF! All she does is judge and critize but whatever, I DONT EVEN CARE! haha just one more week together and on to the next companion! The transfer ends this week and rumor has it that I am leaving Guillón. I PRAY THAT I DONT! I will find out on friday if I get to stay here or if i go. I have almost 6 months here and presidente usually doesnt leave us in an area for that long but I JUST LOVE IT HERE! 

FIRST OFF! The chicas that we are teaching Giuliana y Yasmin ARE GETTING BAPTIZED! and nbd, their mom has just been sitting in on our lessons and we invited her to be baptized just to see what she would say AND SHE IS TOOOOO! They will get baptized August 22nd and I am so happy!! This week they went to Girls Camp and they LOVED it. AND YESTERDAY Giuliana shared her testimony in church. I cannot explain that feeling. When we met her she was a rebellous 14 year old who didn´t believe in God and now hearing her testify that she knows that shes a daughter of God and that this is the restored church just brought be the greatest happiness I think I have ever felt. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE SHARING THE GOSPEL! I dont do anything, I just do what the spirit tells me and God changes the hearts of the people. 

MORE NEWS! One of the members gave us a reference this week and we went to contact him and his name is Daniel. He reciently lost both of his parents in a car accident and he has a hard time believing in God after all the trials he has been through. We had the most spiritual lesson and he accepted a baptism date and said that he will do anything just to find peace again. Its insane how god is literally putting the prepared people right in our hands. These people NEED the gospel and if it wasnt for the members we would never find them. BASICALLY MEMBERS ARE THE KEY TO EVERYTHING! 

MORRRREE NEWS! We asked a sister to come with us to a few appointments this week and as we were walking, she ran into one of her friends. Her friends happened to go to a witches house (there is a lot of witchery here in Tina) and she is convinced she has a devil inside of her. It like really freaked me out and Hermana Lita was like wow, what a coincidence! These are the missionaries. Come to my house and we will talk to you about how you can feel better. SOO we went to her house and taught about the Restoration of the gospel and she started to cry and said how she felt the darkness leave as we talked. We explained how it was the spirit! SHE ALSO ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED! Its insane how amazing this week was! 

Funny story! Wednesday it rained SOOOO hard but when we left the apartment in the morning it was sunny! SO we left without raincoats, umbrellas, or boots! We were in a part of our area that was an hour away from our house and it started to downpour rain. My companion and I got soooo soaked and of course it was dirt roads so it was a HUGE MUDDY MESS! We got to our mission leaders house at like 5pm after being in the rain for like 4 hours and his wife gave us a change of clothes and put all of our clothes next to her stove so we could have dry clothes. She gave us her husbands slippers and some hot chocolate. We shared a message with them and right then our mission leader gets home and was like HERMANAS WHY ARE YOU WORKING WHEN ITS RAINING! And we were like ummm. because we love JESUS AND WE WANT TO WORK! haha he died laughing and then robbed his slippers from me :(

But hey, basically I LOVE guillon and I am SOOO scared I am going to get transfered. The relief society president told me that I am part of the ward and she is going to pray that I dont get transfered because she doesnt know what shed do without me. haha Its amazing how much you grow to love the people here! I feel like its the burns ward! Its my family here!

“Just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more (see Proverbs 3:11–12). He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding, and compassion which polish you for your everlasting benefit. To get you from where you are to where He wants you to be requires a lot of stretching, and that generally entails discomfort and pain”
Hannie sent me that and it rocked. 

Okay so this is like SUPPER long but oh well,

Only 4 more transfers and Ill see you family! I cannot believe it. 


1. Yasmin and Giuliana!
3. Natasha
4. My district!