Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The longest week of my life! (7/27/15)

Helllllo family.

Well, this week has been a HORRIBLE and WONDERFUL week. I am with hermana chavez still. She told me that I use to much water, need to stop using more than 4 squares of toilet paper, and that I am to hard on myself and need to work less. Shes.... interesting. Shes like a want to be hippy that is always angry. So basically i havent laughed in an entire week and am counting down the days till this transfer ends. 2 more weeks..... but I know that I am with her for a reason. I just pray that President will not put me with mini missionaries anymore. I have reached my breaking point.

today a member told me I needed to come to her hair salon to have a deep conditioning treatment because my hair looks like dreadlocks! hahahaha

This week we had interviews with president and I walk in the room and he just starts laughing. Hes like Hermana, I am soo sorry but if there is anyone in the mission who could do this, its you! I was like no president, I cant do it! I am going crazy! haha but I will keep going. He told me that he is so grateful I came back and that he can tell how much I am growing. We all put goals about a christ like attribute that we wanted to develope and I chose charity. He said hermana, I want you to think about when you first got to the mission and now. Look how much you have changed. Now you love the people more than yourself. You have developed charity without even realizing it and then it all hit me, this past year I have been doing the little things and now i am A LITTLE more christlike. There is still so much more to learn!

HEY DAD, Hermana Thurgood, president's wife told me. Hermana Root, we put you with these companions because we know you won't complain and you will just do it. DAD I SO thought of you. Just like how you taught me. Just do what needs to be done and somehow I am doing it.

EVERYONE READ THE 2 TALKS UCHTDORF GAVE IN CONFERENCE! Theyyy are bomb!!!!!!! and they got me through this week!!!!!!!

Story time, So we are teaching this family and they are just awesome. But they smoke and have a long ways to go until they can be baptized but yesterday they came to church!!!!!!!!!! ( after we called and called and went to their house and insisted so much) Everyone in the ward treated them so well! IT WAS SO AWESOME! As they were leaving we all hugged and such and his wife, Adriana hugged me and with tears in her eyes she said Te quiero Root! Gracias por todo que hace. (I love you Root thank you for all you do) That moment made everything worth it! We bend over backward to help everyone and finally someone realized that the gospel is worth it. Their lives are changing and it all is thanks to Heavenly Father. He is changing there hearts.

Yeah so basically that was my week. Lots of walking, lots of teaching, and ONLY 6 MONTHS TO GO!

I love you all! I know Jesus lives and he loves us and NOBODY ever forget that :)

Another Companion! (7/20/15)

Hola familia!!!
Wow, what a week. SOOO my companion went home early!!! SOO I HAVE ANOTHER COMPANION and shes ANOTHER mini missionary. SOoo yeah, time to start all over and teach them how to be a missionary. basically, MY LIFE IS A MESS AND IM SO STRESSED but its all okay, every experience is to help us grow!!

This week actually was AWESOME!
First off, Geuliana y Yasmin ARE GOING TO BE BAPTIZED! They are both 14 and their dad is less active and they are progressing SOOO much. Its insane how they have changed just in these few weeks. We started out and they both were into boys and drugs and now all they want to do is go to church and the activities. It makes me SOOOO happy. This makes it worth it when you can see the people change their entire lives just to come to christ. ITS THE BEST!

We also found a lot of investigators this week. We worked SOO hard and we talked with a lot of the old investigatores that the elders had and there are sooo many people who are prepared. The area is so humble but the people are so GREAT! It makes me sad that the only people who want to listen are those who are struggling. Why is it that so many people only remember God when things are bad. WE NEED TO ALWAYS REMEMBER HIM. I never want to be a prideful person and in the mission I am learning that we ALL have our prideful moments but we all need to learn how to be more humble. EVERYTHING is better when we are humble.

I am learning so much about the importance of the members!! this week we were in lunch and a sister was like hey hermanas I feel like I should go and visit a less active names Jaqueline, can you go with me? We dropped all our plans and went. We got there RIGHT when she needed us the most. We shared a mormon message video and the member could understand her and share her feelings better than what we could. We were there to testify and share how she could feel better ( THROUGH THE ATONEMENT OF CHRIST! ) But the member wiped her tears and gave her the love she needed. How often do we just get so wrapped up in our own problems that we forget that there are others who need us. After this, the member thanked us for going with her and she left Jaquelines house filled with the spirit! WE NEED TO SERVE OTHERS OKAY!!

Yeah so now I am going to get to working hard training Hermana Chavez for these next 3 weeks and GET USED TO ANOTHER COMPANION! change is good no?? haha


Picture: Mom you would die here! There is trash EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! :)
TODAY WE MADE MAC AND CHEESE!! My friends mom is a flight attendant and she brought us make and cheese!!

Happy Birthday Saygiee!! (7/13/15)


This week has been INSANE! I am with Hermana Gomez, shes a mini missionary that is from Colon, Argentina and she is awesome. She actually went on the mission to Chile but came home early due to depression. She offered to serve these 6 weeks so she can finish the mission off right.

We are working super hard. We are having ALL of luis guillon and I actually am LOVING my super ghetto area. All the thugs tell us hi and say Ohh look its the women of God! HOLA ELDERES HERMANAS! jaja but no one has robbed us and we are making friends with all the people down in the ghetto!

My companion is still suffering with depression and she is most likely going to finish her mini mission this week. Its really hard. Shes so awesome but she just has a hard time handling all the stress the mission brings. Im doing ALL i can to get her to stay! We shall see what happens!

Weird story! This week we invited a family to go a ward activity on the 9th (which is independence day here!) Her mom said she didnt want to go but the little gil wanted to so we went and got her. Tha activity was AWESOME but we took the little girl home and left the house and a few seconds later she comes running out yelling Hermana Root Hermana Root ayudame! (help me!) So I go running back and burst in the house. Her mom was HORRIBLY drunk and crying but she recognized me immedietly. She asked me sit on her bed and she was histarical. It scared me so bad but the little girl went to the corner. She took my hand was like Root help me, please dont leave me. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A DRUNK WOMAN IS BEGGING YOU NOT TO ABANDON HER! So I prayed literally outloud in english and I felt like we needed to leave. SO i was like sorry hermana but we have to go. We will visit you another day. We walked outside and she was crying and yelling and her little girl followed us. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and was like I dont want to be here hermana, please take me with you. I wanted to just kidnap her and take her from this horrible home but I am not allowed to do that so I hugged her and we prayed. In the middle of this ghetto street, hugging this 9 year old girl, I said the most real prayer I think I have ever said. I begged heavenly father to bless her and protect her. We finished and she whispered in my ear, I love you hermana root, you are like my big sister. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my mission. I really could feel the power of our heavenly father around her and I knew he would protect her.

We also have had so many miracles this week. We visited a member who is less active and it turns out he wants to come back to church and HIS WHOLE FAMILY IS LISTENING TO US and have baptism dates and they all went to church yesterday. You cant replace these moments. I have always been obedient in the mission but I am finally becoming less of a robotic missionary and more of an example of christ. There are so many people who need us and my companion and I are literally talking to everyone!! We got on the bus the other day and started to share our testimonies and ended up getting the addresses from almost everyone on the bus! We started singing hymns in the train and everyone wants to know what they heck we are doing and why we are here! No, not everyone wants to come to church but they are curious as to why we are here and WE JUST HAVE TO TALK TO THEM!

basically, I LOVE THE MISSION!

Love you all,


1. eating LOCRO! tradicional argentina food!
2. The primary dancing tradicional argentina dances!
3. My companion and I HERMANA GOMEZ!
4.one of the members had an ed sherran shirt! WHOOO!

All Alone! (7/6/15)

Hola familia!!! Muy buenas tardes a todos!!
WOW I do not even know where to start. This week was INSANE! Literally, the worst and the best. 

First off, Hermana Ato had to go home. (My companion) Like Ive mentioned, she fell down and she had her two weeks of resting and her knee was worst so they sent her home. We found out wednesday night and we were both so sad. It was so difficult because i know exactly how it is. She left thursday night for Bolivia and it was so hard. I was her only companion in the mission. She only had 3 months and we were so close. She taught me so much. As she left she told me that I changed her life and I told her that I feel like she came on the mission to change my life. She comes from very humble backgrounds and its looking like she will not have money to pay for the treatment she needs. It broke my heart. She probably wont be coming back to the mission. It was so hard, but I also know that there is a reason for everything and there is something she needs to do in Bolivia. I promised her I would go to her wedding someday so hopefully we shall see each other again.

I am now with the Hermanas that are in a city called Monte Grande. We are in a trio and are in charge of ALL OF LUIS GUILLON AND ALL OF MONTE GRANDE. It is SOOOOO huge our area right now but its okay. Tomorrow I am getting a mini missionary and will be with her for 5 weeks and who knows what will happen. I will be in Luis Guillon until I finish the mission it seems like haha.

We now have the area of the elders and there is just one word for it: GHETTO!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! Hermana Dunlop and I went there on friday and saturday and it is SOO scary but its okay haha the lord will protect us. But, the good news is that the people are WONDERFUL! They all talk to us and they are super nice. We go without backpacks and just with the book of mormons that we give out and just teach the people! I guy tried to rob us but we ran to the closest house and just walked right in. haha. Its actually super hilarious! Although its super sketchy, I dont feel like I shouldnt be there. Theres a reason I am there and God will protect us! I also witnessed my first drug deal so basically this next transfer will be VERRRRRY exciting!

fourth of july was AWESOME. we all 3 wore red white and blue and we went to eat lunch with a member and it just happened that saturday was a futbol game Argentina vs Chile and ARGENTINES HATE CHILE! Well, chile happens to have the same colors as the states, RED WHITE AND BLUE. So basically no one talked to us the entire day. haha but its ok, I LOVE AMERICA.

Yesterday I had to go to church with the relief society president of my ward and I was all alone. It was so weird. The 2nd counselor asked me how I was doing and I told him I was stressed because last week Guillon had 4 missionaries and now they only have me! And hes like HERMANA, your just so awesome that the lord knew you could do the work of 4 missionaries so he just let them all abandon you! haha But the truth is that I am super stressed but I have to just trust in the lord!

Time to work so hard and do what the lord needs me to do! 

Estoy en Luis Guillón! (6/29/15)

Wow, another transfer has come and gone! I AM STAYING IN BUENOS AIRES SOUTH!!! IM NOT GOING TO THE NEW MISSION!!!! WHOOO! Hermana Ato offically finished her training and she is now a MISSIONARY ALL READY FOR THESE NEXT 18 MONTHS! But, we are still together! The elders are gone and my companion and I have THE WHOLE CITY OF LUIS GUILLÓN!! ITS HUGE! ITS GHETTO! AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO ROB US! hahah but its okay, the spirit will protect us!!

Matteas wedding looked SOO cute! I am jealous! The mission makes you want to get married haha! MOM! YOUR SO SKINNY! AND SAYGE WEIGHTS 100 POUNDS, MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING!

This week was INSANE! We WORKED so hard! Actually, I worked so hard. SO my companion still has her crutches so we cordinated with the relief society and my companion went to a members house for the day and I left with the youth and returned missionaries! BASICALLY we have 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS AND EVERYONE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED! Our new area is READY TO BE HARVESTED and I am SOO excited to just work!!

This week we had a meeting with our bishop and he can tell that we really are working hard. He gave us some ideas to work better with the members and we really are so united! This ward is the best. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE! Once they found out that we are now going to be in the villa ( or the ghetto!) all the members just gave us referrals without us even asking! AND NOT ONLY DID THEY GIVE US NAMES, but they told us what day they were going to go with us to teach them! MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST WORK EVER!! Everyone needs to know what we know!!

I had the opportunity to teach The Restoration like 20 times this week with many different members and its so amazing how my testimony will never stop growing! I KNOW this is the church of jesus christ, I KNOW we have the authority of God, and I KNOW that the book of mormon is true! Those of you who don´t know, TALK TO THE MISSIONARIES! THE MESSAGE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

One of the girls in the ward left for her mission in Peru today and last night we went to her setting apart. I remember the (first time) I got set apart and all the excitement i had. Thinking back to that day over a year ago, I can see that I have grown and changed so much in this year. God has changed me. Im a different person and it is because I have given my heart to him and worked my very hardest. Thinking that I only have 5 transfers left scared me! I love the mission and I never want to stop sharing this gospel!

WELL, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! I will enjoy my week getting lost in the new area and getting to know all the cool thugs that live in the GHETTO! We are going to ROCK THIS TRANSFER!! Time to find the chosen people!!

Love you all!! 

Hermana Root

Semana de Locura! (6/22/15)

Hola familia!
Wow another week has come and gone! AND I HAVE A HORRIBLE COLD. Seriously this week has been INSANE. My companion and I put a lot of goals and had a lot of things planned for the week to find new investigators BUT on wedneday my companion fell down and they are pretty sure she tore a ligament in her right knee. They are giving her two weeks and if shes not better, shes going home.

She has been taking it super hard. I remember when I was in the same position but the ward is so awesome that they are going to help us a lot. This week we have it cordianted so I can do splits with hermanas from the relief society everyday and another hermana is going to come to our apartment to stay with my companion.

I also lost the keys to the church this week so prayers so that I can find them would be REALLLLYYY appreciated. The bishop will kill me if i dont find them.

Fun story. One of the girls in our ward leaves on her mission to Peru in a week and her family called and was like Hermana Root, call sofie and ask her to be your companion for the day and we will take Hermana Ato to our house and at 7 pm be at the church for a surpised going away party for her. So she was my companion all day and at 7 we went to the church. All the lights were off and I said I had to go to the bathroom but I said I was scared to go upstairs first. So she walked upstairs and opened the door to the cultural hall and SURPRISE!! She bursted into tears. Shes a very humble girl and the whole ward brought clothes, shoes, luggage etc. so that she would have all she needed for the mission. It was so sweet!

President called and it looks like Hermana Ato and I are going to stay together again but we are going to have ALL Luis Guillon. The elders are going to leave and we are getting the VILLA (the ghetto!) WHOO! SO looks like I will have 6 more weeks in Luis Guillón!!

Bridon looks adorbs, Happy birthday Bay, Happy fathers day daddy, and happy wedding mattea!!

Love you all!
Hermana Root

1. River v. Boca
2. Hermana Flake y Hermana Ostler
3. Our christmas in June zone meeting!
4. Elder Santos!

HACE FRIO! (6/15/15)

Hola familia! What a wonderful p-day thus far, JACK JOHNSON was playing in the grocery store and its FREEZING COLD and I cooked a SUPER GOOD LUNCH! My companion told me, Wow hermana, puede casarse ahora. (You can now get married )! I cant believe another week has come and gone.

YAYY SAYGE IS PRESIDENTE!! AHHH! Shaylee is the newest lamb herder and I am about to have another nephew!! Make sure you show him pictures of me and let him know his coolest aunt is in Argentina!

My companion and I heard that if you drink eggplant and lemon in the morning you loose weight. So we are on a new eggplant diet hahaha. 

What a wonderful week we have had. The honest truth is that we are working our little bums off but we are running out of resources. We have used EVERY IDEA in preach my gospel and we still have no one to teach. We are talking with everyone and we have ONE PERSON THIS WEEK THAT SAID WE CAN COME BY!! Whooooo!! We went and she accepted a baptism date!!

This week we had exchanges and I was with Hermana Hernandez from Honduras. She is weeks away from ending her mission and she gave me some wonderful advice. I just cannot believe how fast the time is passing. THIS WEDNESDAY IS MY ONE YEAR MARK IN ARGENTINA! AHH!

We have been working so much with the less actives and we are starting to see some fruits! There is a family that is so awesome. The mom is a returned missionary and the dad is a convert. The both are less active. We stopped by at her house the other night and we could tell something was wrong. We asked Hermana Cocenza what happened and she told us that her husband and her were thinking about getting a divorse and how she feels so far from the spirit. I pulled a the ensign out of my backpack and shared a conference talk that told her everything she needed to do. OLA ORAR LEER ASISTIR! (Pray, Read, Attend Church!) These things are so basic but they are CRUCIAL! Long story short, she called us later and told us that she wanted us to come by and teach all the missionary lessons again to their family! MIRACLE OF THE WEEK! SOMEONE WANTS TO LISTEN!

Also, there is a sister that her baby son has been super sick and almost died. We stopped by her house and we shared a quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf!

"We acknowledge that your path will at times be difficult. But I give you this promise in the name of the Lord: rise up and follow in the footsteps of ouRedeemer and Savior, and one day you will look back and be filled with eternal gratitude that you chose to trust the Atonement and its power to lift you up and give you strength.
My dear friends and brethren, no matter how many times you have slipped or fallen, rise up! Your destiny is a glorious one! Stand tall and walk in the light of there stored gospel of Jesus Christ! You are stronger than you realize. You are more capable than you can imagine. You can do it now!"

And she started to cry and was like thank you so much hermanas! that was just what I needed. So, we may not have investigators and they are going to close our area but we are doing all the Lord needs us to do here in Luis Guillón and we are planting seeds that someday someone will harvest!!

CHAUUUU! Les Amo!!!

2. Hace mucho frió!
3. District Meeting!
4. A member gave me a leather argentina Mate cup! (MOMS FAVORITE THING!)

Trabajemos Hoy en la Obra del Señor! (6/8/15)

Wow, its monday! Time goes by so fast that it scares me!! Yesterday i completed 13 months, or only 11, idk but I CANT BELIEVE HOW FAST TIME IS GOING BY!!

This week was awesome. It started out with zone conference. On July 10 they are splitting the mission. I thought I was for sure going to stay here in Buenos Aires South but it looks like they are probably going to close my area and 140 missionaries are going to Buenos Aires East and less than 100 will stay here in South so basically EVERYONE is freaking out because we want to stay in Buenos Aires South. So our zone conference was basically a huge goodbye party because it is very probable that many of us will never see each other again, including president. We all shared our testimonies and the spirit was so strong. All of us look up to President and Hermana Thurgood so much and it will be so hard if I go to the other mission but I will do what the lord asks of me!

My companion and I were ready to WORK this week. We made the goal to talk with 15 people each every day in the streets and we literally talked to EVERYONE! We had the most amazing experience. We were walking down the street and we see this woman with 2 little kids about 2 and 3 years old and she was carrying a huge bag. We went up and offered help and she said she was fine but we could tell she wasnt. So we basically just took the bag from her and I took the hand of one of her little kids and we helped her walk to her house. She couldnt afford the bus so we walked like 30 blocks with her. She explained to us that her husband has started abusing her and she has 5 kids and that today she was going to sit her husband down and tell him shes leaving. We got to her house and she lived in a tin hut and we sat down outside and was like okay, tell me what you guys do? Yesterday I prayed to God and asked him what I needed to do with my life and all of a sudden you two show up? When she said this my companion and I both got tears in our eyes. Heavenly Father put us right where he needed us. She lives in the other area but now she is listening to the missionaries and she is SO prepared to have the gospel!

I love this work! I love the mission! And I love serving the lord.
Love you all!!!!!!!!!


“Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, God's love encompasses us completely. ... He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken.” 

1. Zona Monte Grande
2. Hermana Ostler

4. Happy birthday SHERYYYY!
5.We went to a buffet today with Hermana Cóncenes! We are serving in neighboring areas!

¡Que bendecidas que somos! (6/1/15)

Holllaaa! Wow, what a week. I am so blessed to be a missionary and be able to experience all of the wonderful things that happen in the mission. I learned SO much this week.

First off, I was stupid for whining so much last week. Yeah, the mission is hard and no I havent had many investigators during my mission, but the mission is the best. Skye gave me some wise words and basically changed everything. Job- go and read it! Whining is not an option! and 2 nephi 4... We need to stop whining and look to the lord! We all have our hard times, but in reality, the savior suffered everything and do we think we are too good to suffer? If the savior of the world had to pass through so much, why cant I pass through a few trials in the mission??

We worked so hard this week. We put the goal that we are going to talk to EVERYONE! My companion has so much fear of talking to people in the streets but we put 10 pictures of christ in each of our agendas each day and we couldnt go home until we had talked to 10 people each. 2 PEOPLE SAID WE COULD GO VISIT THEM!!!! YEAHHH!!!! The first time in over 6 weeks that someone has given their address!! Its the little things that mean the most haha!

ALSO, we are working SOOO much with the less actives. A family that has been inactive for over 3 years came to the church yesterday!! THE WHOLE FAMILY! Also, 4 women and a couple!! My purpose is to invite others to come unto christ and thats what we are doing. We are successful. We are following the spirit. And there is no reason to be sad.

Yesterday at 4pm, the missionaries that are in charge of our visas and such called and said my companion had to go to Buenos Aires today to get her visa. We had to do exchanges with other hermanas that were in Florencio Varela, like 2 hours away! One of the members said she would drive us and we ended up getting SUPER lost and finally getting here last night at like 10. I am with Hermana Glasier from California until tomorrow night and today we had an ´´ American P-day´´ We went to McDonalds and ate ice cream and went to the mall! WE BOUGHT PEANUT BUTTER AND NUTELLA. Its not the same as the states but it works. Sometimes its good to be with an american so we can speak in english and reminis about how amazing america is, god bless america.

BUT, that was my week!! I hope you are all doing well, shery is about to pop, bostyn looks like a pro ballerina, and mason graduated pre school WHOO WHOO!

I love you all, les amo!!!
Nos vemos pronto familia!

Hermana Root

1. Rainy days in Luis Guillón!
2. God Bless America outfit (this was argentinas independence day so I chose to dress up like america)
3. My old compañera Hermana Nava!
4. Hermana Knowlton! 

5. My old companion Hermana Vasconcellos from Brazil
6. All the companions of Hermana Vasco
7.Doing facials last p-day with the ward missionaries!

8. The first time my companion has ever needed to use a coat!!
9. Hermana Glazier and I!
10. YAYY MCDONALDS. The closest thing to america.
11. HOYT!

Semana de pruebas! (5/26/15)

Another week down. Wow how fast time is going. This week was difficult. Just like every other thing in life, the mission has its ups and downs. My companion and I are working so hard, trying so hard to be obedient, but the people here just dont want to listen. Its hard training a new missionary when they look up to you, thinking that I know all the answers, but in reality, we are both just as lost! The only way we can make it through hard times like these is to do exactly what the lord asks.

The scriptures really answered all my questions this week. DYC 18 and Jacob 3 and 4, as well as Lucas 15, GOD LOVES US! My mission has not been filled with many investigators, I am not sure why, but I am here for a reason and I am doing what the Lord asks of me and EVENTUALLY the investigators will come.

We started an activity with all the members called the Promise of 21 days. The put a list of 5 names and for 21 days they read a scripture and pray for them and the promise is that in 21 days at least one of the people in the list will be ready to accept the gospel. We are hoping this will help us find investigators because we have applied every suggestion in Preach my Gospel and have contacted the ENTIRE area book, and the people just dont want to listen. The elders are in the area that is more poor and they have over 30 investigators so we are going to maybe start teaching the women. Who knows, we just need to follow the spirit and he will lead us to the people who are prepared.

Theres a lot of negative but here are some positives. 6 less actives were at church and one of the youth told us that because one of the lessons she went to with us, SHES GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!

Sometimes in trials we start to be negative, but I learned this week that the atonement of Jesus Christ really can carry us during the hard times. I was carried during the entire week and I know that I will continue recieving the strength I need if I just keep trying to do what the Lord asks of me.

I love this gospel. i love being a missionary. I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. I will walk and walk and get rejected by every person in this country and I will still be completely happy with my decision to serve. I love my savior and I know that this gospel will bless these people. Today in our district meeting we talked about how important it is that we never fall. Its true, stay strong and depend on our savior! I see all these beautiful people as children of god and I cant help but want to share the gospel with them.

I love you all so much! No pictures today because I forgot my camera but yesterday my companion was feeling super down so she asked my to dye her hair... now shes like blonde. hahahah Rash hair decisions.

Amo este evangelio! Amo Ustedes, y AMO SER UNA MISIONERA!

Hermana Root

Back in Business (5/18/15)

It truly has been a wonderful week.

Recieving news of Mike was a little difficult. Erika is one of the greatest friends I have and it hurts me to think that her family is suffering at this time. But, I cannot help but think of how blessed we are to have the knowledge of the gospel. I know where he is, that he will be okay, and that one day their family will be reunited again. There family has been in my prayers and even in the prayers of my sweet companion.

This week we went to the doctor on wednesday and they took the stiches out and we went RUNNING home. We have been working since Wednesday and have been working SO hard. We are making up for lost time. Lets hope this is the last medical problem for the next 8 months. I just cannot take anymore quality time in Argentine hospitals.

Our investigator Graciela is progressing, slowly but surely. She has a lot of problems but she is so receptive to the gospel. We are at her house just about every day and she is a slow learner but I love seeing how the gospel is changing her. We really are in need of investigators so my companion and I have been praying about it for weeks and feel strongly that the only way to do it is to gain the members confidence and recieve referals. When we are converted to the gospel, we want to share it with those we love! We have had a lot of success with this. The members really are trusting us and have been giving many referals. Not one has been for our area but we are going to keep trying!!

Mom you´ll be proud! One of the members here Hermana Martinez, fell and has to be on bed rest for 20 days. She is going insane and has started to have a lot of anxiety problems. We have been visiting her and have done some service projects in her house and I told her that I had a few ¨oils¨ i wanted to give her. I gave her some of the essential oils mom got me and her house REAKS! haha but she is SOO happy and says its helping so much. They dont have these good things here in Argentina!!

One of the members told us a story this week about her son who is on the mission in Brazil. It was his birthday and his mom wanted to get him some presents. Brazil is super close so she just drove to the mission home and left the things with the mission presidents wife. Her son is very obedient and always follows the advice that they set. We compared this to heavenly father. When we are obedient, he is willing to give us the gifts and talents that will help us grow. He is often so close and we dont even realize. Her son never even knew that she was there. So many times we miss the hand of God in our lives, but he is always blessing us, and even MORE when we are obedient.

We got to watch the dedication of the temple in Cordoba and it was such a wonderful experience. I have such a testimony of the temple. I know that only there can we have families that are eternal. I know its the house of the Lord. It made me so happy that the country that i LOVE so much has another temple. President Uchtdorf dedicated it and he gave a beautiful blessing to the entire country of argentina that their hearts will be softened and they will accept the message of the gospel. The people here are prideful but I know that as missionaries we will be guided to those that he is preparing.

And one more story to end! One of the strongest members in the ward was telling us about how she truly learned to forgive people. She is a convert and at 17 years old she was pregnant. her best friend who is a member started to speak horribly about her and to this day continues to do so. She wanted to stop attending the church and inactivate because was so offended. BUT, she said a prayer at 17 years old and she opened up the scriptures and found the story of Lot´s wife. How she looked back. She decided that she was going to forgive and move on. To this day, the woman has never apologized but, Hermana Martinez remains active and literally the strongest woman I think I have ever met. What a lesson that I learned. We need to forgive and move forward. Dont dwell on the past and become better each day.

It has been a wonderful week. I have learned and grown so much. I realized today that I only have 36 weeks left in the mission and it put tears in my eyes. A lot of my friends ended there mission today and it scares me to think that will be me. I love this work. I love my calling and this opportunity I have to represent my savior here in Argentina. We are so blessed.

I love you all,
till next week!
Chau Chau!!

1. A little piece of hawaii!!
2. Hermana Ato and I
3. Hermana Jenkins who just got transfered to the Coast :( We will be finishing the mission together!
4. Elder Rios! He was in my zone when I started the mission in Avellaneda and he just finished his mission today!
5. Sofie! She is a member here and the greatest! She leaves on her mission ot Peru in July!
6. Hermana Yave from Spain who just got transfered as well :(
7. Elder Tyler, Elder Powlus, Hermana Ato and I
8. Flabia! Shes a member here and SOO awesome!