Monday, August 10, 2015

Great News! (8/10/15)

Hi family!
And I have a new companion and shes SOOO awesome.
Shes from chile, her name is Hermana Latoja and she has 3 months in the mission. My mini missionary left yesterday and the truth is that i grew to love her. I HAVE LEARNED A LITTTTLE MORE ABOUT CHARITY! There is no excuse, we can love ANYONE! my companion and I were so different but I can say, I LOVE HER! But now I have an awesome companion, she wants to work and shes hilarious! We are going to have the best transfer EVER!

Soooo, Yasmin and Giuliana are progressing! We taught the word of wisdom and they both didnt want to give up coffee but THEY AGREED TO! They both said how when they are in the church, they feel so peaceful and they know that this is the true church. Yasmin told me on saturday that she wants to go on the mission. THEY ARE THE BEST GIRLS EVER!!! She wrote me a note and said, hermana I know that its hard to be here in the mission but thank you. You´ve changed my life and are like the big sister I´ve never had. I started crying in the middle of sacrament meeting. I still am so emotional (the mission has not changed that part of me) But, seriously, I LOVE THESE GIRLS they are the best things ever and i am so glad God put them in my life.

We got bikes this week! We have been FLYING all over, trying to visit everyone. Our area is so big that its hard to have the time to do everything. I was SUPPER nervous that I was going to get transfered but I get to stay here in Guillón for 6 more weeks. Ill end up having like 8 months here but I dont even care. I LOVE IT!!

Its been raining SO much. They say onces it starts raining in Buenos Aires, It never will stop. I feel like I am in portland. Its horrible to be a missionary in the rain but its okay, I STILL LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

So ready to start this new transfer! I cant believe I only have 3 more left. TIMES GOING SO FAST!

Love you all!
Hermana Root

1. Zona Monte Grande
2. Hermana Chavez and I
3. When it rains, all the trash floats and infests the streets. Its SOOOO cute.
4. The ghetto part of my area is called Barrio Lindo ( or Cute Ward ) But its super funny because its not cute and its super ghetto!
5. A little girl named Ebeline!
6. Hermana Chavez, classic picture that mini missionaries like to take.
7. Familia Banegas! THE BEST FAMILY!
8. Try riding a bike in this!
9. New ride!
10. Bike riding picture!
11. Hermana Chavez last day!
12. THE NEW COMPANION! Hermana Latoja!

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