Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Offically Hermana Status! (5/14/14)

Well, I have survived my first week and let me tell you, this place is awesome. I love it here so much. Today is my first P Day (Preparation Day) and it has been full of excitement. Here is a little overview of the week! 

I got here on Wednesday and my wonderful friend Alexa picked me up. I was so so nervous. Once I got to the MTC, you get out and they have an elder waiting to pack your bags and you leave. I am so glad my parents didn't come here to drop me off. It would have been so traumatic! haha. After that I got all my books, my keys, and headed to west campus where I am staying. West campus has only Spanish speaking missionaries and it is the best. I got to my apartment and met my wonderful companions. I am in a trio so we have triple the blessings. There names are Hermana Tidwell and Hermana Paulson and they both are from Utah. We have so much fun together. I know that Heavenly Father was really looking out for me when he gave me these two as my companions! I am in a disctrict with 4 other elders. Elder Ward from Arizona, Elder Willard from Nevada, Elder Betzsold from Tri Cities, and Elder Saexy from Kentucky. We are all going to Argentina but different missions. My zone has 5 other elders and one is from Boise! I love my zone and my district. We became sister training leaders and today we get to train the new district coming into our branch. 

The week has been a complete culture shock though. On day one, our teacher Hermana Captain and Hermano Thorsen said hello in English and then said that we would never hear English again in the class room. We are only spoken to in Spanish and I had no idea what was going on at first. I still kind of don't know what anyone is saying but it's okay! I only pray in Spanish now and it is wonderful. It was so hard at first but all the words I don't know I just throw in English words. On day two, we taught an investigator in ONLY Spanish. He did not know English. it was TERRIBLE. We all came out almost in tears. Our teachers read us so many scriptures and we started to feel a little more hope. Since then, we have taught him 4 times and each time our teaching gets a little better. We still make so many errors but it can only go up from here!! He is almost committed to be baptized so that is a plus! 

The spirit is so strong here. I have never felt so happy and been more at peace. Waking up at 6:15 every morning is not as hard as I thought it would be.I honestly do not know if I have ever worked so hard before and been so happy. I am just so happy. My district is kind of like my family here. We all support each other and it really helps. Last night we got to listen to L. Tom Perry! It was AMAZING! Being here is just so special. My companions talked me into singing in the choir. I was so out of place because everyone are like PRO singers and I was just mouthing the words haha. 

Today we got to go to the temple and it is crazy how each temple is so beautiful inside. I loved the provo temple but it sure made me miss Laie. There are two people on West Campus that went to BYUH and every time we see each other we get so excited. I saw my friend Sarah Precourt from school at Devotional and it was so wonderful. She leaves for Salt Lake next week and she is so wonderful. 

Funny story, I walked into Main Campus entrance this morning going to find my companions mom who works here and guess who I see walking out of the cafeteria! ELDER PARAMORE! We both screamed each others names and were so happy to see each other. He happened to be on the plane with Elder Adams, my trek brother from Prineville and he was there too. We made plans to hopefully meet up on Sunday! I also met a guy who trained my best friend from college Hanna, brother in his mission. The world is so small!! 

Now for the BEST PART! Here are all the grammatical errors of the week!
- I tried to tell an investigator that the atonement makes you feel better, and I said, The atonement makes you a woman.
- Hermana Tidwell tried to ask our investigator if he lived with his brother and instead said SHE lived with his brother.
- Elder Saexy tried to tell his investigator that he loved him (not romantically) and said he loved him (VERY romantically)
-We tried to sing I need the every hour (a hymn) but sang it to the tune of where can I turn for peace. The words are in Spanish so we never know what we are singing. 
- An Elder said Good morning in Spanish and I said GOOD! because I thought he asked how I was :( everyone laughs at each others mistakes and it is wonderful. 

It was so great to talk to my family on mothers day. I found out on the day that I got here that I would get to call but I wanted to keep it a secret! I miss them all so much but I know I am exactly where I need to be! 
My testimony has grown so much already. I feel like I am the one who is going to benefit so much from this! There are two elders going to Buenos Aires South with me and we are becoming great friends. I cannot wait to go!!

Elder Betzsold said last night that his favorite thing to do is read Isaiah in Spanish because that way its easier to understand than in English. We are all growing and learning so much. The Spanish is very hard but I am trying to not get frustrated. I know that God trusted me to learn Spanish and help these people so now it is time to trust myself!

I love you all and thank you for all the support, prayers, and letters! 

Chau Chau!! 
Hermana Root 

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