Sunday, January 17, 2016

Best Week Ever (8/17/15)

What a week! Seriously, BEST WEEK EVER! My companion, IS THE BOMB DIGATY! Literally, we are 100% sure we were best friends before this life. We have seen SOOO many miracles this week that I do not have ANY IDEA where to start. 

But I will start off with the best. NO BIG DEAL! Its been freezing cold and raining all week, AND OUR WATER HEATER BROKE! I didnt shower for like 3 days and then I had to face the freezing cold water. We also boiled pans full of water and tried the sponge bath. Basically, we are living in the pioneer days. AND ON TOP OF IT ALL, saturday night we got home and we had no lights. We lived a day and a half without lights and the batteries in our flash lights were dead. Basically we have been living completely GHETTO this week but hey, its all a great experience!! 

So Yazmin and Giuliana have their baptism date for this week, ON SATURDAY! But, on monday night they told us that they wanted to wait another month. They are COMPLETELY ready to be baptised! So we prayed and prayed and fasted and sent messages to all the members to fast and pray for them and yesterday we went to their house after church and they said HERMANAS WE ARE GOING TO BE BAPTIZED! WHOOO! We are going to have a baptism this week! actually 2 baptisms!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!

Also, we are teaching a less active ( who is a drug addict) AND HE WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS! 

ALSO, we found a new investigator named Celia! Shes an athiest but for some weird reason she let us in her house. We invited her to pray and ask if God exists, so she did and we came back the next day and she said Hermanas Im not sure what I felt but I just feel so happy. I loved to pray teach me more! We taught her about the plan of salvation and she started to cry when she heard that the families can be together forever! SHES SOO AWESOME!!!

Funny story: 
My companion and I were walking and we saw a house that was hot pink so we naturally wanted to knock on the door. So we said okay we are just going to make up a name of someone and say we are looking for her so that we can start talking. A 20 year old man answered the door and I said Hola, we are looking for Pamela. Hes like, ok one moment, let me go get her! (Keep in mind, we made up the name pamela and were not actually looking for a pamela) A 25 year old girl comes out and was like ummm.. hi what do you want? And I was like oh we talked to a girl named pamela and she said she lived on this street but it wasnt you. Do you know a girl named pamela? and shes like no im the only one in this neighbor hood so I was like well then maybe we are looking for you! haha we then started talking and she said we could come back!!! Literally the most awkward experience ever but whatever! 

Yeah so that was my week! Best week ever! 
Love you all! 

1. Hermana Latoja and I
2. Happy Birthday Shelby!

Sorry for the overload of selfies this week! haha

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