Monday, July 14, 2014

One Month in Argentina! (7/14/14)

Another week down!! Wow, it is already Monday! I have been in Avellaneda for one month! Time is flying. Well, Argentina didn't win the world cup! THEY WERE SOOO CLOSE! haha it has been the craziest week here. We all had to go to our pensions at 4 yesterday for the final game because it was too dangerous to be in the streets. People are insane. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. Everyone has so much pride for Argentina! I have a video, I will attach it. I thought that Argentina won because everyone was going crazy but they didn't, they lost and everyone still went insane! 

This week was a week of progress! We have this investigator, Raul. He is the one that I committed to baptism in my first lesson. He is great. But, this week he told us he didn't want to get baptized yet and needed time because his family is against it. It was the most heartbreaking thing. I just wanted him to accept the gospel so badly, but everyone has their agency. It was really hard on Hermana Rodas and I though. He has such a strong testimony and just denied it. I don't understand.

We have another investigator that is... difficult. Imagine the most difficult person in your life, that is this woman. She talks, and talks, and talks and says nothing at all! So, I always cut her off haha so I don't think she likes me that well. She has tremendous faith, but she doesn't like to act. She is breaking the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and we have talked about it and she refuses to admit that she is wrong. I don't know, she is not progressing and has been taught for almost a year. So I was prompted to bring up baptism. I shared our purpose and how our job is not only to talk with people, but to help them enter in to covenants to come closer to God. I asked her how she felt about baptism and she freaked out! She said how we only wanted her to be baptized and how we didn't care about her. It was awful! We were being so kind and not rude at all but she is just difficult. So I explained how she has her agency and how important baptism is and how when she feels ready its a wonderful thing. But we ended that lesson and literally RAN out the door! haha 

Also we taught a less active, Mariana. She is great. She is about 50 and has two little girls one of them is about to turn 8 so she asked us to teach her because she wants her to be baptized. So one day Mariana was sick so we were at her house doing service for her and her nephew needed a blessing because he was SO sick. He is only 7 months old and was horribly sick. Hermana Rodas was talking with Mariana and I started to talk to Mia. I taught her how to pray. Usually she doesn't understand me but she understood EVERY word I said. After I asked her if she wanted to pray and she said yes. I got to witness this 7 year old girl say her first prayer to heavenly father. It was the most amazing thing. Her mom was so touched. After, I just felt the spirit so strong. God gave me the ability to communicate with her and share the gospel. After the elders gave the baby a blessing and literally DIRECTLY after, he was smiling and laughing! So many miracles happened in that house that day! 

We had a temple trip this week in our ward and the rule is that you have to have 2 investigators to go! So we invited EVERYONE! and the elders couldn't go so they gave us their investigators too. All in all we had 8 that committed to go! We were SOO happy! We went to the church at 8:30 and not ONE showed up. Everyone here is ¨sick¨ in the mornings. No one likes to wake up! So we didn't get to go :( it was devastating! 

This week we had an AWFUL rain storm. We were out and invited Bianca, a girl who wants to serve a mission, to come with us for the afternoon. It was raining so hard. Of course that day I was wearing my CROCS! Argentina does not have a very good draining system so I got to walk in knee high, NASTY! water in crocs, tights, and a maxi dress for 5 hours. It was hands down the best day of my life! haha I was just thinking about all the germs I was walking in but, we were laughing and having so much fun. I have learned here that you can actually make any situation a good one! 

This week Hermana Abachino taught us how to make Torta Fritas! It is kind of like an Indian Taco and you put honey on them. They are to die for! I love the food here! I am starting to love everything about this place! 

I sent my first texts in Spanish this week! haha its a big step! Its so hard! Also, we ate lunch with the bishop yesterday and he lives in the Villa which is the hood, or the sketchy part of town. He had to drive us because we aren't allowed there. Wow, I have never seen such ghetto in my life. I am SO thankful for my house, for America, for all I have! 

This week was another big adventure and I am ready for the next! I love you all and will talk to you soon! 

Con amor, 
Chau chau! 
Hermana Root

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