Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 11 - Bien Vida! (7/21/14)

Hola hola! Another week down! This week was one to remember. It was difficult but I learned so much! I cannot believe that Riv comes home this week and that Parker is in Cambodia!! AHH! 

Well GOOD NEWS! Hermana Rodas told me that I am talking in my sleep... IN SPANISH!!! When she told me this I was so happy! They say thats a step in becoming fluent! Haha I still have so far to go till I am fluent but Its a step!

This week I felt a lot of sadness. We have a lot of investigators that honestly do not want to do ANYTHING. We have this investigator , Raul. He is great. He has a STRONG testimony and KNOWS that this is the truth. He always says how he wants to follow Christ. We have had two baptism dates for him, and he wont come to church so it is impossible to baptize him. One day in a lesson with him I just started to cry because he was just making excuses on why he cant attend or why he cant keep our invitations. It is true that you really start to see these people like God sees them.

We have a less active family, Family Abachino. They are great and they too have such strong testimonies. The are having a hard time with tithing. The struggle finacially and it is hard for them to pay tithing. One day we were teaching them about the importance of tithing. It was so hard. Sitting in their humble home, that we would consider to be a tin shack, telling these people that they need to pay tithing. It was honestly so hard. I just thought about how never in my life have I went without anything, and these people barely have food. We shared the scripture about how if we pay our tithing the windows of heaven will be opened up and they will recieve the blessings they need. Then Hermana Rodas shared that growing up, her parents have been seperated. She has 3 siblings and that most of the time, her family had no money. Her mother would always pay her tithing in the beginning of the month and by the end, they would have to walk miles to church because they didnt have money for the bus, or they would not be able to do things. But, she testified that they always had enough. They always had food that they needed and God always blessed them. After this, they still would not commit to pay tithing. We left feeling devastated. We then went back another day and they committed to come to church. Well, they didnt come to church. We went to their house yesterday, and they didnt have a reason. It is so hard. I can see that if they would just do these things, they will get the blessings they need! But they dont see it. It really got to me this week and I just felt sad for these people.

Another hard thing, we had a meeting with our Ward. They only have ward council once a month here and we were told that we have 802 people in our ward, yes 802. But, only 58 come. I felt like the worst missionary in the world! It is so hard because most of the people dont live in our boundaries because it is dangerous so we cant visit the less active. We just want to help this ward but we are not sure how. This isnt the United States. Wards are so different. I see how AMAZING the burns ward is. 

One day we walked ALL day and toca todo puertas (knocked on all doors) and no one answered. I was exhausted, but Hermana Rodas and I changed the words to Do you wanna build a snowman to We just wanna share a message, Just open up your door, We know you say that you have no time, but thats a lie, WE KNOW THE TRUTH. haha it was hilarious we sang it all day. 

So, I am straight up teaching a Jehovahs witness. It is so insane. His name is pedro and he is crazy. haha He prayed for us when we asked him to say the closing prayer, ¨Por Favor bendece esta Hermanitas que ellas pueden encontrar la verdad.¨Please bless these Hermanas that they can find the truth. hahah I started to laugh! lol 

I taught my first ENGLISH CLASS! They all wanted me to start with a prayer, in english. AND I COULDNT DO IT! I said SOO many words in spanish! It was so hard. But then I taught the class. We went over numbers, the alphabet, common phrases and it was great. 

For all the future missionaries, they arent joking when they say learn how to lead music. I dont know how and I have to all the time!! I make a FOOL of my self all the time! 

The other day it was raining and so I wore my raincoat and rainboots and I was ready! We had a district meeting this day and everyone told me that I look like Dora, so that is my new nickname, Dora the Explorer!

We have decided, Hermana Rodas and I, that our future husbands are praying for us to learn how to cook. That is why we never have lunch! haha 

All is great, all of these hard things are for a reason and at the end of the day, I wouldnt change this experience for anything. I am growing so much and this is just what I need. 

I am so glad that the cows sold, (your welcome for the blessings), I am so glad Sayge had a WONDERFUL time at Girls Camp, that Bay is doing good, that Haying Season is going well! And that Mom and Shay survived the MOUSE in the house! haha

I love you all so much! I miss you more than anything but this week I am ending my first transfer! After this, only 10 more 6 weeks! 

Love you to the moon and back, 

Hermana Root 

Hermana Rodas and I with our alfajors, AKA best treat ever! This was the day I was dora
- Avellanedas motto is Bien Vida
- The day no one opened the door, we were in an alley tracting. This is what the houses are like.
-Hermana Rodas and I 
- Hermana and I after our English Class

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