Monday, August 25, 2014

Argentina is the new Harney County! (8/25/14)

Hola hola queridos! Cant believe it is monday already! Time is just flying by!
I want to start by battling with Parker and Payden. I think that I eat more rice then them all! Every morning we each arroz con leche. With is a mexican thing I guess but it is like the rice form of cream of wheat. Then we have it in almost every lunch! Rice on rice on rice.  

Avellaneda is resembling Burns more and more everyday! (minus the millions of people). 4 days this week it was BLAZING hot but for the past two days, it is coldest it has been during all my time in Argentina! I am starting to believe that spring time here is just the same as at home! 
This week I recieved mail! Thanks Elder and Sister Podwus and Cragg and Fiona! Getting real mail is the best feeling ever! 

The girls started school today!! AHH where did the time go. It is crazy that a whole summer has went by. And Madison leaves for the big BYUH. I seriously am jealous. My year in hawaii was the best of my life, changed my life. As weird as it is, the thought of going back after my mission does cross my mind quite often! Enjoy Laie for me madison! Hale 7, Room 317 needs my love, but stay away from the cafeteria!!
This week was great! We had zone conference and it was WONDERFUL! All of us are having problems finding investigators so we brainstormed new ways to find investigators and how we can just share the gospel in little sentances! We also talked about how we can consecrate our missions to our heavenly father. Sometimes we get home and are exhausted but just because we are exhausted doesnt mean we are being successful. We need to be using every minute of each day to do exactly what christ would do in this area. It is a huge task, but I love it. Sometimes I just think about how insane this is. I have never worked so hard in my entire life but I am just so happy.

After zone conference we had an exchange! I was with Hermana Durrant. Shes from UT and so great. She has only 3 months left in her mission. We were in Avellaneda and Hermana Rodas went to Quilmes with Hermana Olsen. Since we were in my area, I had to lead. I found all the houses for our appointments without any problems and I had to start and lead in every lesson because these people didnt know Hermana Durrant. I was scared to death. But, EVERYONE understood me! We had real conversations and I felt so great at the end of the day. I am just so blessed. I have so far to go in this language but its coming! We then got back to the pench and Hermana started to speak in english. It was SOO weird! But we shared photos of our families and talked about our lives and it was so weird how easy it was to convey my thoughts! English is SO beautiful! haha 
Good news! My foot is getting so much better! Just had to walk it off... walked about 100 miles and then it decided to get better! 

This week we learned a great experience. We have a less active named Yuzzely that is always TOO busy to let us in but will talk with us for hours outside her house about nothing. So this week, I felt prompted so share a scripture in DyC 24 con her. So I just got out my scriptures, and said I have a scripture for you. We read it and everything changed. People have their priorities in many places. Sometimes we just need to help them see what is really important! 

This week Hermana Rodas celebrated her one year mark! She only has 6 months left. It is so weird! When she leaves I will have 9 months, half way!

We have an investigator that just hates to act. We felt prompted to have her read 2 Ne 31 last week about baptism. So she did. This week when we went back, we asked her how she felt and she was just complaining saying how she didnt have an answer for what she needs to do. So I said, Liliana, let´s pray right now together and you ask God if baptism is what you need. She agreed and prayed. After we asked her how she felt. She had recieved an answer that yes it was correct. Her description of her feelings was the spirit. She said how she gets this feeling everytime, but she thought she didnt have an answer. As we talked more, we realized that she didnt want her answer. She did not want to act and be baptised. How many times do we recieve answers and dont act on them? I am sure guilty of this. This woman is holding herself back from entering into a covenant with our heavenly father because she´s letting her natural man control her. 

GUESS WHAT! This weekend I will have my first baptism! The girlfriend of one of our (I really dont know how to say it in english, but someone who was baptized a little time ago) We have been teaching her for about a month and on Saturday is her baptism!! I am soo excited!

I had a very humbling experience this week. We were in the house of Hermana Abachino and she asked to borrow my true to the faith in spanish to read. She read the whole book in like 2 days but the part about tithing really caught her attention. We started to teach about the blessings of tithing. She paid all of her tithing last month and now is seeing all the blessings. I listened to her and the things that happened during this month of how she put a little rice in a pan, washed clothes, came back and the pa n was full or how she found money in her BOM. During this we had a member with us and she shared her testimony of how her family has always been blessed with what they need when they pay tithing. I listened to the miracles that they have experienced. And then my companion shared her testimony of tithing. Her single mom would be able to feed all of her siblings when they had barely anything. During this I thought about my life. Never has my family gone without anything. Always have food, clothes, money to go on vacations and have cars. I was born in the US with SO many freedoms. I have the gospel. I have amazing friends. I had the opportunity to get an education in high school and then go to college. I just started to think, why, why me? Why do I have all of these blessings? I am convinced that I am the lucky one to be able to teach these people. I can learn so much from them. Yes, i have a testimony of tithing but it was never been a trial of my faith. When these people pay their tithing, they know that they dont have enough money to survive on, but they pay it anyway. How lucky are we.

Today we had our zone activity and went to the mall and went bowling! The Yankees (said like shankees) or Americans were against all the latinos. The americans obviously won! haha We then ate SUBWAY! i felt like I was back in the states. But I paid 75 pesos for a sandwich! a sandwich!! 

I have SO many pictures to send so I will send them in another email! 
Love you all! Thanks for your love and your prayers!

Con muchisimo amor, 

Hermana Root

 one: Hermana Flor bought us Messi Jerseys!
two: This is Camilla! She is Sayges age and such a sweetheart!
three: This is Loyda! She is 21 and like our best friend in the ward! She is so awesome! Reminds me so much of my red head bestie at home!

four: Hermana Durrant and I! Right after this we made PB&Js and talked about all the things we miss about America!
five: eating facturas to celebrate one year for Hermana!
six: Subway!
seven: Zone Bowling!!

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