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Soy un verdadera Missionera! (8/4/14)

Hola hola mi querida familia y amigos! lets me honest, the hardest week of my ENTIRE life, but lets be honest, I have never been more happy! Lets start from last p-day!

So, we finished with ¨ciber¨ or emailing, and we were walking to walmart. It wasnt that far from the ciber so we decided to walk! We were just walking a long and I am not sure if I have mentioned that my left foot is close to broken, but we past a little perrito (baby dog). We really did not pay any attention to it because stray dogs are EVERYWHERE. It was on the side of Hermana Rodas and I was on the side next to the street. About 5 seconds later, a TERRIBLE pain in my left ankle. I look down, and the dog turned around, came after me, and BIT ME! I was in shock. I just said Hermana el perrito moriome! I had my tights on so we couldnt see how bad it was. I was so close to crying but I didn´t (be proud dad) and we kept walking. After 5 or so minutes, it was all good. It just happened to be in the foot that was already having so much pain so I forgot about it. It turned into a big joke and we went to Walmart! I found peanut butter and spent 53 pesos for peanut butter that tastes nothing like peanut butter.

That night, we got back to the pension and we planned for the next day and I started to get ready for bed. I had forgot that the dog had bit me and I took off my tights and my foot was HUGE. I had two teeth marks right above my heel. It wasn´t too bad so we washed it and put neosporin on it and went to bed. I woke up in the morning and it was still swollen. So we called the mission nurse and she told us to go to the hospital. It was about 8 in the morning and we had to take the train. Everyone was going to work so the train was PACKED! Hermana Rodas and I had to get on, hang on on the outside standing on the steps of the train, and rode the whole way outside! It was so sketchy. We couldnt help but laugh. I am this white girl, who barely speaks this language, hanging on the outside of this train with a huge foot because a baby dog decided to bite me for no reason! haha we went to the doctor and he said that I was fine and gave me amoxicillin and we went back to work! The next day in Reunion de Districto, everyone applauded me because I had finally become a real missionary! In this mission, you arent legit till you are bit or till you crash on your bike! 

Turns out, my problem wasnt the dog! Whatever is wrong with my foot, is making it swell up each morning when I wake up. It is close to one of the worst pains I have ever felt. An elder in my district has the same problem. The doctors told him it is a mix of the cold, humididty, and so much walking. He said it gets better when it gets warmer so I am just hoping for that. I literally walk so funny! I have a stupid limp and can only wear my crocs because my foot is so fat! I have rocked the crocs for a solid week. If only my fashion friends could see me, the Retro Renegade would be ashamed!

I realized this week that I just wasn´t doing enough. I am in Avellaneda representing Jesus Christ. I have to do the things here that Jesus Christ would do. We just are having a terrible time finding investigators that want to do things. Everyone will be so quick to tell you about how strong their faith is, but literally NEVER act! It is so hard. But, everyone has agency! Because we are having such a hard time finding investigators, we made a plan to work with the ward! My ward has 4 missionaries! Us and 2 elders. We made a paper that has questions about people ex. Do you know someone who has just had a baby or a death in the family? Do you know someone who is having a lot family problems? blah blah, we gave them these papers and asked them to think about their families and friends and to think of 5 people they could share the gospel with. For one week, think and pray about these names and on Sunday, we are going to ask to see who recieved people that would want to hear our message. We are hoping that this is just what we need. We try and talk with everyone but it is so hard. Everyone slams the door the moment we say - ¨Somos misioneras¨Chau! Door slammed, no more talking. haha 

Speaking of investigators, This one investigator that we have has been taught for about 5 months. She is interesting. Honestly, I have a very hard time loving her. We asked her to count her blessing for the week and she counted 2 blessings for the WHOLE week and then talked for 20 minutes about all the bad things that happened. We then taught about the commandments. She is breaking close to all of them and we taught them very direct. We asked her to pick one that she wanted to work on. She said ¨I am living the commandments, so I just want to keep on learning¨ So I explained how important it is that be become better everyday! I shared a scripture about never becoming comfortable and she got SO offended with me. She said, ¨YO NO SOY COMEDA HERMANA¨(I am not comfortable) and then told me about ALL of her problems. At the end of the lesson, Hermana Rodas and I just felt awful and were ready to leave. We didnt feel the spirit so we knew it was time to go. As we got up to leave she said how she thinks that I am a little fatter than when I first got here. I just looked at her and was like seriously. I just laughed. and said gracias liliana! and we left. I really had to remember who I was at this point. I am a representive of Jesus Christ. What would Christ do in this situation? I am learning to love all, because lets be honest, before my mission, I would not give this woman the time of day! But, I am learning, emphasis on the learning, to truly love all! 

On a brighter note, we have an investigator with a baptismal date for Agosto 23! WHOO! Shes great. Shes a girlfriend of one of our recent converts. Yesterday we gave the law of chastity lesson to both of them, together! Wow, that is my favorite thing to do! hahah not!

Also, we eat with the same family every saturday! Familia Beobide! They are AWESOME! The husband is sooo funny! He decided that it was our turn to cook them lunch. So we made real mexican tacos!! I know how to make real mexican tacos now! I am so thankful for my wonderful mexicana compaƱera!

Yesterday was an experience I dont think I will ever be able to forget. Every week we take turns teaching Gospel Principals in church. So that means every  4 weeks its my turn. They have skipped me for the first 2 rounds because I just wasnt ready, but at 10 pm on saturday, they thought it was time to inform me it was my turn to give the lesson. It was on honesty or honradez. I prepared and I felt pretty calm. I started to talk and the look on everyone´s face was awful. No one understood me. There was about 20 people. (mostly investigators and less actives) and they all understood NOTHING! Right in the middle of the lesson, about 15 minutes in, i broke down and started to cry. Somehow I made it through the class and finished and just went to the bathroom and lost it. I was so frustrated. This was the first time in Argentina that people did not understand anything. I just wanted to be able to speak like the other 3 missionaries in my ward (who are all  native speakers) I calmed down and all was well. We got home last night and I watched a mormon message that I want you all to watch! I think it is called How does the atonement apply to missionary work by Elder Holland. This defined my day. I realized that everyday I wear the name of Jesus Christ on my chest. I dont just wear this for fun, I am a real representitive. It is okay if sometimes I feel what he felt. Its okay if when I get home at night I literally cant walk, Its okay if I fall flat on my face while teaching a lesson. Failing is okay, I just have to keep trying. 

This morning we has a activity with my district. We sang each of our favorite 3 hyms and then we shared our testimony. I realized that I really needed this mission. I will have 3 months in a few days in the field, and I see the change in me already. I miss home, I miss everyone, but I wouldn´t trade this for anything. I know I am EXACTLY where I need to be. We then made milanesas! (best thing ever!) and watched Rio 2 in all spanish, and I understood a lot! Not only am I where I need to be, I am having the greatest experience of my life!

I want to thank Sayge for always praying for me to recieve the gift of tongues! I know that because of her (and everyone elses prayers) I am recieving it. Yeah, I am far from fluent, but I am getting better everyday! In about 3 sundays, Pray that I will be able to teach the class without crying! haha

I hope you all have a great time at the family reunion this week! I love you all! 

One quote that got me through the week: Just simply do what needs to be done. 

Another week down, 15 more fast sundays, and 15 more months to work hard and serve my Heavenly Father! 

Con amor, 
Chau Chau!
Hermana Root 

Our meal for Beobides
Cooking for District Activity

All my pictures have to do with food, but I promise, we eat like one meal a day! Food is not common! Mom, FEED THE MISSIONARIES! All of you, FEED THE MISSIONARIES! It sucks when we are hungry! 

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