Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! (12/29/14)

Wow, Feliz Navidad y Ano Nuevo! Cannot believe that the holidays are already passing. It gets more hot and humid here every day. It has been a long week but just like every other week in the mission, it was filled with opportunities to learn and see that I really do have a savior. 

First off, skyping with the family was hands down the best christmas gift I have ever recieved. I immedietly cried when I saw all of your faces. It feels like I have been gone for just a few months but when I started talking with you all I realized just how long it has been since we have all seen each other. It was hard to hang up and we all shed a few (or more) tears but I am so excited for the next one in May. 

We spent christmas eve in the apartment and Hermana Dora brought us dinner. We made popcorn and got to watch a movie and it really was a fun night. I never will have another christmas in the mission and I will never forget it. I got a little sad on christmas morning but all in all, it was a great day. We came to the Branch presidents house for christmas day and we barbecued lamb and ate SO much. I have barely at all week! 

On friday, we got back to work. We were both so excited that we have 4 baptism dates that we worked so hard visiting and teaching them. My knee hurt really bad but it didnt matter, I just wanted to work.Remember how I said how I tripped walking down stairs and hurt my knee. But, on saturday we went to La Plata to go to the doctor. He looked at my knees and he said my right knee is okay but my left knee has problems. It looks like I tore my miniscus. Also, There is a sack of liquid under your kneecap that allows your knee to move freely, the liquid is leaving the sack. So, he said that I cant walk very much, no bike, and basically just lay in bed all day till I can get an MRI. We left the hospital and I just started to cry. I didnt think it was anything bad and we dont know if its a minor tear or something major till we get the MRI. So, i had to call President and tell him. He was in shock. He told me that if the healing is more than 2 weeks, I have to go home. I started bawling and said please president, dont send me home. He told me how it was the last thing he wanted to do but for now we are just going to wait for the results. The truth is that I basically have been crying since saturday and praying that tomorrow 
when I get the MRI that we dont find anything. I mean I love my family and of course I would love to see them, but I need to be in Argentina right now. I am here to work and not be hurt. This week I have relied so much on the atonement and am just trying to put my faith in my heavenly father. I know whatever he wants will happen, and lets just hope I dont see home until November. 

But dad, you will be proud. My zone leaders and the assistants called me and told me how tough i was for riding a bike and working hard for 2 weeks with a torn miniscus. I told them my dad always taught be that if its a long way from your heart, its all good. Everyone laughed and that Dad was hilarious. 

But, that was my week. I cannot believe its going to be 2015. I am so thankful for this past year. My decision to come on a mission was the best one I have ever made. It has changed the person I am and the person I am becoming. I have really come to know Jesus Christ. Through all these trials, I can see that I truly am never alone. I know that I could have never learned these things if I wouldnt have decided to serve. I am eternally grateful. 

I love you all and happy new year! Lets start the new year our right and try and get to know our Savior more because with him is the only place we can find true happiness. 

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