Monday, January 5, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve! (12/24/14)

Hola!! Feliz noche buena!!! I am alive! What happened is that we had the choice to email on wednesday or monday and we chose to email today! Wow, today is christmas eve and the truth is that it doesnt feel like it AT ALL! 

Seriously, I cannot even express the miracles that I was able to see in the past week. I am so blessed. I have realized that yes there is always the trials, but for those who are obedient, the lord always has their backs. 

We had exchanges this week. I was with Hermana Knowlton from Utah and we had a blast. It was raining but we worked so hard and found 2 new investigators and HAVE A BAPTISM DATE!! They are Carla and Marcelo and they are a young couple and SO awesome. So prepared! We also got 15 references using the He is the Gift cards and ALSO 2 more investigators that ALSO have baptism dates. In one week we went from absolutely nothing to 4 baptism dates and close to 20 references when we ended the week. Heavenly Father knew Christmas would be hard so he saved all the blessings for the month till this week haha. 

We had an interesting experience this week. It was the branch christmas party and last minute, they called us and told us to set up all the seating and do the decorations. The party was going to start in about 2 hours. We were all frustrated because we had been asking ALL week as to what we could do and we had to cancel appointments because the members are lazy! The poor presidents wife did ALL the food. For 45 people! ALONE. No one helped her. But, the party was really great. We had permission to stay till 10:30 and asked a member a week in advance if they could take us home at 10:15. The hour came and the member was like oh just wait hermanas, we are going to clean up first. And everyone didnt know what to do so of course, I had to be the one who told them how it was haha. I said how we need to be obedient and we needed to be in the apartment at 10:30 (It was about 10:45 at this point) They blew us off and said it didnt matter if we were a few minutes late. So I called a taxi and ALL of the members were irritated because we werent going to stay to clean up when they knew we had to leave at 10:30. By the time the taxi got there, we got home at 11:30. My poor companion was so sad. She had never broke a mission rule before and she was crying. it was so uncomfortable but oh well, we have now learned to not put our obedience in the hands of these members!!

This week I might have tripped and fell super hard and kinda have some knee problems. On saturday I am going to a doctor but yesterday I got a priesthood blessing and today my knee was so much better. The priesthood is real! It works! 

it doesnt feel like Christmas. its just another day here that no one really celebrates and also, its like 100 degrees. We were really sad that tonight we are just going to be in the apartment but this morning Hermana Dora, the relief society president called us and told us she is going to bring us dinner to the apartment. It was such a blessing to know that at least someone thought about us during this week. We spent the past two days going to the houses of all the members and less actives singing christmas songs and giving them a card and ornament that we made them. We are hoping they will maybe start to like us a little more now! haha 

But, I have learned one thing. Christmas isnt about all the presents, or all the material things. Christmas is about Christ, family, and memories. I miss everything from home but I am thankful that I can give just one christmas to my heavenly father. Tonight all of you watch He is the Gift ( Remember that he really is the reason for all of this. 

Love you all! Merry Christmas. I will be home next year! 

¡¡Feliz Navidad!!

1. Hermana Tongi and I! We both went to BYUH at the same time!
2. Teaching the horses!
3. The missionaries and the branch president and his wife!

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