Monday, January 5, 2015

Still Living In Good Ole ´Tina! (1/5/15)

Where do I start! First off, HOLA! Happy new year, feliz ano nuevo, todo! I hope you all had a great new years! 

This week was, hands down the most difficult week in the mission. I was placed with trials before me that I didn´t think I could support, but somehow, I am still going and it is because the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is real. It carries people. If I have learned anything in the week is that Jesus Christ lives. He is here with us when we need him and when we want him. He literally saved me and carried me through this week.

What everyone is waiting for, is the knee. My companion and I left at 3 in the morning to travel 5 hours by bus and subway to get to Temperley to go get my MRI. Every obstacle that we could have had, we had. I cried almost the entire trip but SOMEHOW we finally got there. I got the MRI and they told me, well because of the new year and everything no one will be working till monday so you can get your results on monday(today) at 7pm. They just told me basically lay down and not walk for an entire week while they all took their vacations.. welcome to argentina! BUT, i called president and told him and I just started to cry. I have just felt so depressed in the apartment all day not being able to work. I want to work so bad and President just gave me the wise advice to be patient and pray and all will work out. He said that the mission cant loose Hermana Root and we are gonna do all we can to keep her here! So we got back to dolores and I spent the entire week in the pension. It was the hardest week of my life. Reading, studying, crying, wondering what on earth is going to happen with me. I literally felt a fog over me. I was just so sad. But yesterday, the branch president picked me up to go to church. While we were sitting in the sacrament meeting, we sang Count your blessings. The last verse just hit me, it says: 
So, amid the conflict whether great or small,
Do not be discouraged, God is over all;
  1. Count your many blessings, angels will attend,
    Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.
  2. The meaning is a little different in spanish but, i realized that its all okay. I am going to finish this mission. There is nothing more in the world that I want to do. And if for some reason I cant finish, I know that its the plan that God has for me. I was praying for a way that I could just be happy and forget these problems and Hermana Lida, the branch presidents wife, came up to me and said hermana root, I dont know why I feel like asking you this but would you like to come and help me sew some curtains for me house? Heavenly Father knows that sewing helps me feel better and I got to spend 8 hours yesterday sewing curtains and a new skirt for me. God really listens to our prayers and I know that there is something that I need to learn from this trial. I am learning really how to trust in the lord and how to apply the atonement. The atonement is everything. 
  3. Right now in my district, we have an Elder that I was in the MTC with, Elder Powlus. He is from Twin Falls and we became such great friends in the MTC and now we are in the same district. I sent his mom an email full of pictures of a birthday party we did for him and she emailed me an email of encouragement. Elder Powlus told his parents that he gave me a blessing and that I am having knee problems. She told me how her whole family fasted for me and put my name in the temple. Then mom told me how she put my name in the temple twice and emails from so many saying they are praying for me. I am so thankful for all the people that are taking the time to think of me. It makes me feel not so alone in this far away land. 
  4. This week i should know what happens but I am going to think positive and I am going to finish this mission. Theres no other choice. I need to be here. 

I love you all! 
Hermana Root 

1. District meeting!
2. New Years Dinner
3. My companion icing her knee so she can be just like me! (I ice my knees with frozen pees just like mom taught me!)

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