Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 21 (9/22/14)

Hola Hola a todos! What a long and great week! Seriously, I am so thankful to be here! To be a Missionary! And to have this gospel! I am so blessed with EVERYTHING! 

The honest truth is, this week was probably the hardest week in my mission. Everything about it was trying and tested everything I have, but at the end of it, I am still living and I have learned a lot.

Starting with last Monday! We got done with Ciber and writing our families and left to go to a family home evening with a less active family. Last minute, they canceled so we went to catch a bus to go visit another less active widow. We saw our bus coming and started to run and just jumped on. Hermana and I just started talking about what letters we got and how everyone in our family is and the next thing we knew, we were at walmart (which is not in our area!!) I realized we had got on the wrong bus. It was 7 pm and all dark! We got off at the next stop and just started walking back towards our area! This is where I got bit by the dog so I was walking SO fast! We were laughing the whole time but in reality it was SO scary! But we survived! And its only my first time getting lost in this HUGE city!

The next few days we tried to contact all of our investigators but no one wanted anything. For example, we have an investigator named Paola. She is 22 and she told us between 4-6 is the best time to come over. so we came to her house in these hours for weeks, she never was there. One day she was home and said I am working. Listen chicas, I have a life! SO RUDE! After this, I snapped. We had been walking the entire day and having no success. I just vented to Hermana Nava and said ├┐eah I remember when I had a life before the mission, BUT I LEFT IT ALL FOR YOU!¨ After my venting, I repented and wasn't angry but it is just so frustrating at times. We are here to help them and when we knock on their door they send someone else to say they aren't there or avoid us and its just hard at times.

Because we had no success with the investigators, we decided to turn to the ward directory and contact the less actives in our area. There's about 100. Long story short, we got the door slammed in our face for 3 days straight. We walked about 20 miles everyday (or more) and ended the week with 4 lessons. There was a point where I just broke down and cried but during all this time, I remembered Christ. He was rejected, people hated him, but that didn't matter. He had a mission and a message to share, and he kept going. We did the same thing and kept going. The end of the week got so much better! 

Last night we ran into an old investigator named Julia. She is about 50. She told us to come in and we had a beautiful lesson about the atonement. She shared with us that she was with her husband for 8 years and how he abused her to the point that now she cannot read because her brain is messed up from being hit in the head so many times. She has so much pain just built up inside of her. While I was listening to this story, I literally felt her burden. And about a minute later, I was filled with love. I could feel the love that Heavenly Father has for this woman. It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in the mission so far. God truly loves and knows each and every one of us and with his love, we can use the atonement to remove all the pain that we have inside.

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of giving a talk in sacrament meeting. Our ward really is slacking in working together with us so, I got real with them. I read D&C 60:2. All of you go and read it. I shared the experience of Juan, our convert, and how he brought the gospel to Analia. Really, I dont know how I was able to do it. I wrote it all down but I didnt look at the paper once! And people were crying!! (I hope it was the spirit!) I just can't believe that I can actually speak this language!

Another miracle of the week is that Family Abachino, less actives, have a goal to be sealed in the temple as a family in December!!! I was SOO happy!!

This week was so hard, but I learned a lot. I am so thankful to be here in the mission. Its the most happiness I have ever had in my life. I wouldnt trade it for anything.

I love you all and FELIZ PRIMAVERA! I know its fall at home but here its spring and its starting to be so beautiful! 

Have a wonderful week!
Chau chau!
Hermana Root

photos: This week I missed home so I made us hamburgers and fries for lunch! The typical american food :)

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