Monday, September 8, 2014

And I'm In... (9/8/14)

Hola Queridos! This week was wonderful! This morning I said goodbye to my sweet ¨mother¨ and got a new companion! In the mission, your companion for your first twelve weeks is your mom or dad. This morning Hermana Rodas got transferred to the coast and I am now with Hermana Nava. She is from Mexico (I think President wants me to become Mexican because Hermana Rodas is from Mexico too) and SHE KNOWS NO ENGLISH! It´s okay though. Shes really nice and I think I will be fine! It is all a growing experience.

Wow, India won the talent show, Sayge and Shay rocked the lambies, Bay is in PRESCHOOL! Mason had his first day of school! Everyone is doing so great. I am so glad. I worry and pray about you all every single day but I honestly know that no matter what, it is all going to be okay and that we all have blessings and protection because of my choice to serve. 

This week I realized how this mission really is an opportunity. I am working so hard. Sometimes I feel like I am doing nothing but we were in the house of a member for lunch the other day and he called us the little angels of God. Avellaneda has only had Hermanas for 6 months. The Stake President felt that they needed Hermanas and I was the 4th Hermana. That is why our area is so difficult, because we really dont have a strong foundation. But I am so thankful that I was trusted enough to start here. I truly love the members and they love me too. It really is starting to become another ward family for me. 

This week I learned a lot about the power of prayer. I felt as if I wasn't doing my best following the spirit during the day. The next morning I found in Preach my Gospel an evaluation in Chapter 4 about prayer, so I did it. Far too often we are just too casual about prayer. It is SO powerful and I realized that my prayers were not in the place that they should be. I was praying and then chau, not listening to the spirit after my prayers. Right after this, we taught our investigator Giselle about prayer and the power in it. She prayed during the week and when we came back she was different. She told us how much better she felt and how she feels so much more at peace in her life. It is so real!!

We taught a less active family about the temple this week. We shared how important it is that they become married in the temple so their family can be together forever. When I started to share my testimony about this, I started to cry and at this moment I realized how blessed I am. Far too often, I take so many blessings for granted. I have always had a family that is sealed together for forever. We then helped them make a plan to prepare. We talked about family prayer. Again, I realized just how much this impacted me in my life. I remember every morning running out the door, having prayer with mom. Then everynight having prayer together as well. It really blessed my life and I am so thankful that my parents always taught me how to live this gospel. 

I now have 4 months! How fast! Somedays are really long, but when I look back on these 4 months it has been relatively fast. I know it will just continue to faster and faster so I am working hard. The truth is, this is hardest thing I have ever done. But like my dad always says, everything thats hard, is always worth it. En español, es valle la pena! 

This week I had to deal with every single day men yelling at me how beautiful my eyes are or saying bad things that I cant understand and my companion refuses to repeat. Literally every day. As soon as people see my eyes, I stick out like a sore thumb. It gets SOO old! haha

But, this week was wonderful. I learned a lot. Taught a lot of lessons. Said goodbye to my mommy, and ready to start another transfer! Only 9 more transfers left!

love you all forever and ever!
Have a wonderful week!
Hermanita Root

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