Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 22! (9/29/14)

Buenas!! Wow P-day already, THE WEEEKS ARE FLYING! 
This week was great, but FULL of trials. We started the week off by going to our District Meeting on Tuesday and during it my companion started to seriously feel SO sick. She turned completely white and had a terrible fever. So we went home after and she was dying like the whole day. At this moment, I seriously became my mom! I was helping her with whatever she needed, cleaning, and made her favorite Argentine cookies. I seriously felt so homesick sitting in the apartment and studying the whole day! I am so glad she is better and now we can work!!

This week really my focus was on the atonement. I found so many things in my studies about it and almost all of our investigators needed it this week. We went to visit Hermana Abachino who now is ACTIVE!!!, but we asked her what the atonement meant to her and she didnt even understand what the word atonement meant. So I explained how it is the sacrifice of Christ and then how we can use it in our everyday lives. Without the atonement, I am nothing. It gives me the strength to do all of this. Its such a hard thing to be a missionary, but I cannot even describe the strength I recieve from Christ every single day!

This week was creepy man week! We were teaching one of our investigators and her husband was there too. hes about Dad`s age. We were talking about the commandments and he said, listen Hermanas, when I see a pretty girl, I am going to stare and then repent (in front of his wife!) For example, when I see Hermana Root, I cant help but stare at those eyes, and then I repent when she Leaves!!! (OH MY GOSH!!) I felt SOO uncomfortable! My companion lost it! She was laughing SOO hard! And then, the next day, the Uncle of one of our less actives, was walking in the street. He started to talk to us and we told him how we are looking for Yuzzely. He said okay, knock on this door and then after, lets go get married!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said, NO! haha It was so awkward! Hes like 27 and from Peru and is just weird! So sick of these stupid men!!

It was raining SO much this week and I finally went a bought new rain boots, cheetah of course, and you can be sure I have a HUGE blister all around my calf because my socks didnt go p high enough. It got infected because the gross water and Hermana Laddux, the primary president, became my personal doctor and fixed me right up but its so ugly! Yesterday at church everyone asked me what happened and I just said, oh a dog tried to bite my leg off.. Its not all a lie because I did get bit by a dog! haha

We had a wonderful experience with an investigator this week. her name is Soledad and shes 18. She has no confidence, NONE! I remembered so strongly the words of my mom all growing up, Remember who you are. We read a scripture about how shes a child of god and then talked about exactly what that means. I asked her who favorite princess is. She said Ariel. We explained the life of Ariel and how her trials were hard, but she became a princess. We then explained how she too is a princess. She was so close to crying. She finally started to see that she has worth, that shes important! I am so thankful that mom always told me that, its so important!

Yesterday we went on splits with the kids preparing to serve missions in our stake. I left with 2 girls and we went to go tracting and knock on doors. They were so cute and SO nervous! They didnt want to talk at all so I did like the first 20 houses and then finally they started to as well. It was so amazing to see their enthusiasum grow. They are just so ready to serve. It made me remember my mission prep class with Hannie and how we went to the mall in Kaneohe HI  and had to talk with 10 people and we were SOO scared and now we are both living and pro missionaries :)

This week is conference!! WHOOO! And I am pretty sure I have to watch all the sessions in spanish.. a little nervous about that but oh well! ALSO; I AM ALMOST 20!! WHOO WHOO! I was thinking about how I spent my 18th birthday playing volleyball, my 19th birthday on the beach eating coconut pumpkin pie with my favorite hawaii girls, and my 20th in ARGENTINA! WOW! I am so blessed to be able to know all the people I know and have been to all of these places!

Ready for another week and to continue in this amazing work!
love you all!
Chau chau!

Hermana Root 

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