Monday, October 20, 2014

And I'm In...(10/20/14)

Hola!!! I AM ALIVE! Its late here probably not late there but... I have news! GOODBYE AVELLANEDA AND WELCOME TO.... DOLORES!! The direct translation of Dolores is pain. It is in the middle of NOWHERE! It is a branch and basically it’s like living in Burns but a little smaller. I live in a house with 3 other Hermanas and there are cows and horses outside my window. I hate to admit it, but I almost cried with joy. I felt at home, even though I am thousands of miles away.

It was a hard goodbye this morning to Hermana Nava and Avellaneda. I was there for 4 months and I grew to love the people so much. When we told everyone goodbye yesterday everyone just kept saying, Noo our Yankee can’t leave us!! (that’s what they call us whities) There were many tears shed and I can still say I am TERRIBLE at goodbyes. The worst was to Family Abachino. They truly became my family in Argentina and it was so hard to say goodbye.

But, Now I am here. A 5 hours bus ride to the middle of nowhere and the truth is, I am so happy. I am living with a Peruvian, a girl from Honduras, and my companion who is from Brazil. She has 12 weeks in the mission and we have about the same level of Spanish so it will be a good time. Her name is Hermana Vazconcellos and she’s 28! But, the bad news is that she has chicken pox. We will be in the pension all this week. The poor thing :( I have the shot but I have been informed that I can still get it but it will be a mild case... Hermana Vazconcellos had the shot too and it is NOT a mild case! I am a little bit nervous!

I knew Sheryden was freaking out that I wasn’t safe but the moment I got here the girls told me welcome to the calmest area in the mission! The worst thing that could happen is that a horse could kick you! A member came over to our house to give us lunch and they found out that I lived on a ranch and immediately loved me! It’s going to be a good new area!

HILARIOUS STORY! So, it’s like SUPER humid here and I am not drinking as much water as I should because there is nowhere to use a bathroom. So, the CTR ring that I haven’t taken off in two years was on my hand when I went to bed on Wednesday. When I woke up, my hands were SO swollen and my finger with my ring was purple because the ring was cutting off the circulation. We tried EVERYTHING to get it off but we couldn’t. So, we called the mission nurse and she said go to the ER. So we went! The doctor tried to cut it but he couldn’t so he said hold on, I’ll go get help. He came back with a man that was repairing the bathroom (who is NOT a doctor) and he used these HUGE pliers and cut it off and I was on my way. Only in Argentina...

SURPRISE! I got all the packages today! But I am going to have to pay a BUTTLOAD! But oh well, que me importa! But, don’t send anymore :( But letters are GREAT!

Thanks for all you do for me! I have the best support system! I know I didn’t right much but I will send lots of pictures.

I probably won’t be able to reply to like ALL of you today but thanks for your emails!!

Love you all!
Chau chau!

Hermana Root

1. Elder Beers and I. Root Beer hahahah (our last names are the joke of the mission)
2. My district in Avellaneda
3. Zone in Avellaneda
4. ER!
5. On Friday we put Hawaiian flowers in our hair and pretended it was aloha Friday like back in my BYUH days.
6. Relief society activity!
7. Sunday was mother’s day here! Love you mummy!
8. The best abuela in the ward!
9. All the young women!
10. My best friend here Loida!
11. Family Abachino!
12. My companion and I this morning in the taxi! The car was FILLED with all of our luggage! The man asked me if I had a human in my suitcase...
14. PUMPKIN!!!
15. My view from the house! I am not in the city anymore!

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