Monday, October 13, 2014

Five Months Down! (10/13/14)

Hola hola! Wow, another email to write. My hands are always tired after this long thing.. maybe I should write less but I like to say all the adventures that happen so I will deal with tired hands. 

You should all be glad that I am able to write! Today is a holiday so EVERYTHING is closed. My companion and I had the brilliant idea to come to Walmart and use the computers here that are SOO ghetto, like everything here. We didnt want to make the 30 minute walk because its p-day and ALWAYS are walking so we asked a random man on the street what bus and off we went. Turns out, we took the wrong one. We ended up in a town called Islas. This town is SO sketchy that is doesnt have missionaries. The bus driver said we had to get out because it was the end of his route so we were LOST in the sketchiest place on earth! We said a prayer, took the next bus, and ended up here at Walmart, 2 hours later!

Looks like everyone had a great week. Sayge is a real ballerina! Parker is famous! Elaine Davis knows my Mission President! Its so great to read all of your emails. 

This week seriously was SO much better. We had a district meeting and talked about not only working hard, but working smart. This is what we were faulting. Just because we get to the apartment exhausted every night doesn't mean that we are working the most effectively. We made a lot of changes and made a goal to work SO hard to try and get the members to go to appointments with us. It truly changes everything when the members are there. If the missionaries ask you to go, GO! The members have so much power!

We taught a less active this week and she really touched my heart. We shared with her how important it is to go to church and renew her baptismal covenants. When we finished she told me how when I talk, she just feels so much peace and sees how patient we are. After this, I realized how many times its not in the words we say, its in the spirit we bring. I don't feel like I truly am that powerful in lessons, but through me, God can bring the message to these people! I am so lucky to have this calling.

We found a new investigator this week THAT'S GOLD! Her name is Lourdes. We taught her the restoration and plan of salvation and she felt the spirit so much! We invited her to come to church and she was all ready! We went to her house on Sunday and she couldn't go but we are ready for next week! Finally we are having some success.

We had exchanges this week and I was with Hermana Olsen from UT (like every North American in my mission). We seriously spoke English ALL DAY and night and it was so great. You just bond with people when you are speaking your own language! haha Everyone stared at us everywhere we went. 2 tall, light hair, white girls preaching to everyone is a sight to see.

We worked so hard this week that I have just been exhausted. On Sunday, I got up, kneeled to say my prayers, and fell asleep kneeling for 20+ minutes. My companion was dying laughing!

My companion, before me, did not open up to anyone and was not emotional. Now, she cries ALL the time when something is cute or spiritual. She always says, you did this to me! Why are you so emotional! It rubbed off on me! haha its so funny. I bore my testimony yesterday and I have mastered crying and speaking Spanish, at the same time! whoo whoo!

I have pictures for this week but I am not sure if I can send them because this computer was probably living during the civil war. 

Bueno, les quiero mucho! Estoy muy agradecia por todo sus oraciones y cartas!

Con amor, 
Hermana Root

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