Monday, December 8, 2014

7 Months! (12/8/14)

Wow, another week down. I cannot believe it! I have 7 MONTHS!! Time is seriously just flying. I am learning and growing so much. I thank my heavenly father everyday for this opportunity I have to be here and try and help his children. 

& HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD. Thanks for being married and being super cool.

Well, I have my daughter! Her name is Hermana Còncenes! She is from Lima, Peru and seriously the best companion ever. I do not feel like I am training. She came SO prepared. The first day in the field was me talking all the time but she caught on SO fast and now we are a strong companionship. Yes, I am the leader and the example in many things, but she is seriously an angel. I am so blessed to be with her. She came to the field SO ready to BAPTIZE. Then, she realized that we are in Dolores and she got a little down because of how difficult things are here. We spent the week working SO hard and with time, she started to perk up and just realize that we have success if we just loose ourself in the work. She had no idea how to ride a bike. I had to teach her how. She only fell like 30 times but now shes a pro! 

It is officially SUMMER. It is so hot. We are dying. With the stupid helmets, we sweat SO much. We carry towels in our baskets of our bikes because we are so sweaty when we get to houses. She is turning SO tan and I am SUNBURT. She told me she had never seen skin so red... white girl problems. 

I had a little meltdown in the week. We went to a meeting with our Branch President. We shared our Progression forms and who we are teaching. We truly have no investigators and we are trying so hard to work with the branch. They chewed us out and told us we need to focus in investigators and I lost it. I said and what are you doing to help us find them? We are working so hard. We need to work together and it is not only the responsibility of us to find people who are prepared. They blew me off as always but afterwards I just felt awful. I dont understand why i am training here in Dolores. It is SUCH a hard area. I just want her to have the best experience in her training and here its so hard.

But, we have decided that we are going to be the next season of CSI. We started searching all the less actives in the directory. We found out why Dolores has this curse. Many less actives told us that about 10 years ago, the leaders of the branch were awful. They were robbing money, unworthy, dishonest, etc. This branch used to be 400 people. Now we are lucky if 30-40 show up. The whole town remembers this and that is why we cant find investigators and that is why no one wants to come back. Its so difficult. Yes bad things happened but OH WELL. The church isnt perfect, but the gospel is. This is why members need strong testimonies. So now, we are trying to recieve the revelation that we need to help this crazy town. drama, drama, drama.

BUT, we found an past investigator in the area book named Nilsa. We went taught a lesson and HAVE A BAPTISM DATE. I am not sure how it happened but we did it! haha and we found 3 investigators this week. Things are going up. Hard work will help us. 

Funny story to end, my companion learned to ride the bike in Wednesday. We were riding home at like 9 in wednesday night and it was dark. 2 dogs started to chase her. She got so scared and went straight into the ditch FILLED with water. She yelled ^MAMA! HERMANA ROOT, AYÚDAME! a went and helped her and we were DYING laughing the whole way home. No matter how hard things are, there is always something to laugh about!

I love you all! 
Till next week!
Hermana Root

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