Monday, December 8, 2014

ME VOY A SER UNA MAMA! (12/1/14)

Well family, what a week I have had! There is never a normal week in Dolores! But, I have news! I got a call from president on friday and I AM TRAINING! I am so nervous! There is a huge group of missionaries coming tomorrow and my chance of being with a latina is VERY small. Looks like I will be training an american! But tomorrow I will find out!! 

This week we had our huge Tormenta Blanca. We went to the houses of every less active in our ward directory and found SO many people that want us to pass by and visit them. We literally have NOT ONE investigator and we are trying so hard to find them so this activity was such a blessing. We found familys that arent all members and we have plans to teach them. All the missionaries from the zone came and we went and visited them all. It took HOURS of preparation but I am so glad with how it turned out!

Our mission is doing an activity SO awesome! Its called èl es la dàvida. or He is the gift. We are giving out 10 cards a day to people that have a link to a video about christ and we are sharing the real reason of christmas. Its so weird to be talking about christmas when its SOO hot outside but the christmas spirit is still here. And DON'T WORRY MOM, I have my stocking and mini Christmas tree up and a wreath on the front door!

Thanksgiving was weird. I was nervous that I would feel SO homesick but I was fine. It didnt feel like thanksgiving. But, Hermana Molina and Landauro went and bought facturas (which are like donuts but WAY better ) and made rice and eggs and we had our ¨thanksgiving feast¨ I wrote the 100 things I am thankful for and I have never been more thankful for ANYTHING than I am now in the mission. I am sure changing my view of the things most important. I hope your thanksgiving was amazing!!

We had all of our transfers and Hermana Vasconcellos left for the coast and it was hard to leave. She told me how I was an answer to her prayers and that I will always have a home in brazil. Its weird how all of my companions just have become just another sister too me. There were many tears shed but I am excited for this new transfer. I am so nervous to train but I know that its a calling from God and I am going to help this new hermana learn how be serve the lord! I am sure I will learn much more than her! AND my trainer is training again so we will be training together! 

I hope all is going well! I am ready to start this new transfer and work so hard. Enjoy the holidays and the cold! 

Love you allll! 

Hermana Root

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