Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Feliz Navidad! (almost!) (12/15/14)

Another week down! I cannot believe its already time to write another email. The days fly by. It is true that after 6 months, the time just doesnt slow down.

This week was another week of learning. Seriously, I am seeing just how much confidence my heavenly father has in me that i do not have in myself. Dolores continues to be so hard and I have been working so hard to be positive and strong for my companion. But, this week came the meltdown. We spent the week inviting EVERYONE to go on saturday night to watch the broadcast of Stake Conference. We got to the church, not a soul. The branch president, his counselors, relief society president, NOT A SOUL. I just started to cry and vented to my companion of how I just dont understand what we can do. She just told me we are going to be positive and we are going to change this town. The same words I have been telling her for the past few weeks, I needed to hear as well. I am just so lost as to what to do with these people. I have never seen such a disaster in my entire life. 

But, on a happier note, this week we had zone conference. It is so great to hear from President Thurgood. He is so inspired. We talked about how to make the most of christmas in the mission and how we can use this time to share the gospel of Christ with everyone. We seriously are talking with everyone about it. The whole zone was in a bus going to the conference and we sang christmas carols and gave everyone He is the gift cards. Yesterday we went Caroling house to house and its not the same christmas here, but this christmas is different. I am starting to see that the real meaning of Christmas doesn't mean gifts and buying things, its in serving others and trying to be more like Christ. I miss all the traditions of home but I am so happy to be able to give up one christmas to help my heavenly father. I don't know if I am making a huge difference here, but the mission is changing me and its the greatest blessing of my life. 

This week we found another new investigator and new references. Things are getting better in Dolores when it comes to teaching lessons, now just need to better the branch!

I got the package from the activity day girls!! thank you! But, from now on, no one send me anything but letters! I guess I got 5 packages, I don't know from who but I had to pay 300 pesos. So letters will be just fine for the next 11 months. 

I cannot wait to hear all of your voices in Christmas Day. The best gift that I have ever received will be to here all your voices. 

I love you all! Merry almost Christmas! Happy birthday Mom! And I hope Ralph brings good things this week :) 

Love you all to the moon!
Hermana Root 

1. My companion fell in the mud! I had to take the picture before I helped her!
2. Proof of the cute sunburn that I have been sporting! 
3. Welcome to Dolores!
4 and 5. My companion and I!
6. We found snickers!! First candy bar in 7 months!
7. Zone picture! La Plata Sur!
8. We went to the graduation of the youth in Dolores!
9. Hermana Molina and I while we were singing Christmas Carols house to house!
10.  The international Christmas choir!
11. Someone came to our zone activity and left us these stockings full of Goodies! We aren't sure who it was. Santa is real!

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