Monday, December 8, 2014

Semana de Milagros! (11/24/14)

Hola hola! Wow monday already! Its feels like I just wrote. My hands always get so tired writing this letter haha. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMS!!! Your the best grandma in the whole wide world!

This week was one verrrrry interesting. I learned SO many things. After having the terrible sunday with the members I was so stressed. My District leader could tell that I was way stressed and so in our District Meeting we talked about stress managment. I told him elder, stress runs in my family. I work better under stress. Leave me alone haha. Then he made us do YOGA to unwind... what a day. But, its all okay. I am now a lot less stressed and so happy because MIRACLES happened during the week. 

We had exchanges and it just happens that my sister training leader is Hermana Rodas!! My first companion. It was so good to see her! I learned so much in our exchanges. My companion and I dropped EVERY single one of the investigators that we had because no one TRULY has a desire to follow Christ. I learned this week that all Christ did was say come, follow me. And those that wanted to came, those who didnt went their way. I was just tired of wasting time with people who just wanted to talk and never do anything. So my companion and I started from rock bottom. We knelt and prayed and asked heavenly father where we needed to go to find investigators. We both wrote down 5 streets and one matched, Reconquista, so we spent 3 hours knocking every door in the street. By the end of the day, we had 8 appointments! That was on saturday so we havent seen them yet but we are hoping to BAPTIZE SOME PEOPLE! 

My companions are all very stressed with how the members are here in Dolores. So, we had a meeting with the Bishopric and I let them know how we were feeling. No one would do it so, I did it. The all had their excuses but, the understood where we were coming from. Then they gave me the opportunity to give a talk on sunday. So, I gave a talk that was pretty straight forward about the responsibility of members. When we finished, we began to ask who could come to help us with our Tormenta Blanca activity and people began to do SOMETHING! There was a difference!! 

My companion and I fasted on saturday that we could find new investigators and that we could work more with the members. When we left for church on sunday, we went to the house of two little girls that walk with us, our investigators that we dropped, left their house and said Hermanas, we want to go to church with you! We had invited them SO many times and they had never come, but they went with us! It was SUCH a miracle!!

We worked so hard this week that I have a hilarious story. I happened to get a terrible cold and was suppppper congested and not sleeping well. On thursday, I woke up and kneeled down to say my prayers, 45 minutes later I woke up. My companion said she felt bad waking me up so she let me sleep! She said I was snoring and everything. The mission wears ya out!!

Today was the birthday of our District Leader and his ward through a party so we came to Chascomus for the day! It was a wonderful p-day! Its the last week of the transfer so we will see if I am with Hermana Vasconcellos again or if I leave or what! Who knows!

I am sad that I wont be home for thanksgiving but make sure to eat a lot for me! Just pretend like the missionaries are me! My companions and I will do something to celebrate the Mayflower, pilgrims, n such. I am thankful to be here in the mission. Its the greatest blessing I have ever recieved and I thank my heavenly father everyday that hes given me this privilege to be here. I am so blessed. 

Love you all!!
Chau chau!
Hermana Root

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