Monday, April 20, 2015

Hola! (1/18/15)


Wow, okay for the past 8 months I have wrote my "monday emails" and this monday I am in a different part of the world with a little different circumstances.

I am home for those who do not know. I received news from my mission president last week that I was getting sent home. It was hands down the hardest experience of my life. I didnt want to leave, but I did it because I knew that that is what needed to be done. I dont understand why, but God does. 

I want you all to read a talk. Come What May and Love It. Here is the link:

It sucks that this happened, I cried a lot, and really did not want things to turn out like this BUT whatever. It happened, theres a reason, I dont know it, but oh well. I am going to do what heavenly father needs me to do and I will go back and finish the 10 months I have left. Theres just a little road block, but that wont get in the way of the big picture. 

What happened they think is that my femur bone went out of place and then went back into place but because of the movement and the fact that I kept working after my fall, my bone is bruised and inflamed. SO, they gave me three weeks of physical therapy and told me that probably I will be back in the mission in 3 weeks. In this week that i have been home, I have improved TREMENDOUSLY. I can walk almost perfectly and almost am pain free. I am so blessed. 

So, there will be a little hault on the weekly emails, but I will be back in the mission field real soon and get back to doing what I love most, serving the lord. 


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