Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm going to be a Mom again! (4/6/15)

Happy easter and happy gotcha day shay. Your a cool asian and Im glad your my sister!!!

WOW, what a WONDERFUL week. It was SOO hot and I am getting a little more tan, or red, whatever you would like to call it. 
FIRST off, we found 2 AMAZING investigators this week. This first one is named Rosa and she was a reference from Hermana Vasquez, the seminary teacher. Shes like 30 and seriously has been looking for the gospel for years and WE FOUND HER. She has a baptism date for 25 of April and LETS HOPE WE CAN DO THIS! She is so great!!

We also are teaching a boy named Rodrigo. He is 14 and gay but literally the sweetest boy! Seriously, I love him and he trying so hard to become a better person. My companion and I prayed so hard this week that we could find some people to teach that were really willing to change for the lord and our prayers were answered. I gained a huge testimony of the power of prayer this week. Even when he doesnt answer, he still listens. 

On thursday we made the goal that we were going to talk to 20 people in that day. It just happenes that everyone literally RAN from us. It was almost 9pmand we had to get back to the apartment but I told my companion, we arent going until we have these 20! We had been walking for 7 hours. Every appointment fell through, everyone we contacted didnt want anything to do with us and we were wore out. So, we said a prayer, right in the middle of the street that we could meet our goal. We walked for 15 more minutes and were able to meet our goal. I learned a huge lesson that day. Once we get done praying, we go to work, and then god makes the miracles happen. 

President called on friday and IM GOING TO BE A MOM, again. haha I will be training and my companion gets here tomorrow. I am nervous, I barely know what I am doing, but I know its a calling from the lord and he will help me. Today we were informed that our mission will be split in July and I will finish the mission in Buenos Aires Sur. A lot of my friends and companions are going to the Buens Aires East and it makes me so sad :( 

Conference was AMAZING. Wow, the family is so important. They made it super clear that I need to get married once I finish haha. All the did was talk about marriage the first day! i LOVE when the talks were in spanish. I got to watch in english but we watched in spanish when the two gave their talks. No matter the language, the gospel is the same. 

I just want to share my testimony that I know that Jesus Christ lives. This easter was way different than any other in my life and I was able to really think about the importance of his resurrection. Because of him, we will live again, we can be forgiven, and we can have a family that lasts forever. 

SO, time to start this new adventure and get to training! 
Love you all!

Hermana Root

1. The americans watching conference in english!
2. I made my companion pancakes cut into Happy Easter
3. The missionaries of Luis Guillon.

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