Monday, April 20, 2015

Its a wonderful day to be an Hermana! (3/30/15)

Wow, what a wonderful week!! Seriously we have seen so many miracles that I don´t even know where to start. We started sharing little cards that say gracias a que el vive, (thanks that he lives) Its a video for the church for easter and we are talking to SO many people each day. We still don´t have many investigators but we are working so hard. 

This week we had exchanges and I was with Hermana Adama from Peru. She finishes up her mission in a week and we had so much fun. We had to go to the Elder´s area to visit an hermana that lives alone. We had no idea how to use the bus so we just got on one and next thing we knew we were in the villa (ghetto) and scared for our lives! haha But, nothing happened other than a DRUNK MAN PROPOSED TO ME! He said, take me to your country, marry me! And i was like umm, here is a card, go to this website and find out more about the church, I then walked away and HUGGED ME AND KISSED MY CHEEK! AHHHHHH! Drunk argentine men. Yuck. 

We are really focused on working with the members and so many of them are willing to help. We really have won over their confidence and we are all on the same page. 

My companion and I are doing wayy better. I love her, she is such a great girl. Its just getting used to each other that is hard! haha But, we have learned so many wonderful things together. 

Another awkward story, today we were going to buy vegtables and fruits for the week at the fruit stand. The owner asked me where I was from and we started talking to them about the church. Then out of nowhere he says, See that man back there. Hes single and has always wanted to marry an american. Imagine how cute that would be! I turned beet red and we bought the vegtables and left!! haha

I was thinking this week and I really am thankful that I went home for the time I did. I am a completely different missionary now than I was before. I am more focused, I am working way harder, and I now realize just what a privelage it is to be here. 

I was reading in Mark this week and it says No temas, cree solamente. (Dont fear, just believe) And my companion and I are doing this. We are trusting in the spirit and trying our hardest to do what the Lord needs here. I am so excited for conference and we are inviting everyone to come and see. The rejections we get every day are MILLIONS but our job is to invite! 

Riv, congrats on being married!! YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL!

This is my last week with Hermana Espinola and we will see what happens next!!

Its a wonderful day to be an Hermana!


Hermana Root

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