Monday, April 20, 2015

News! (4/20/15)

Hola a todos!! I cant believe it is already monday! This past week marked one month back in Beautiful Tina. I cant believe HOW FAST the time goes. 

Happy (late) BIRTHDAY NENA!!! 

So, I have good news and I have bad news. Good news, I will be serving a 19 month mission. Bad news, I will not be home for christmas. I found out this week my release date is January 25th 2016. Yeah, I am sad I wont be home for christmas but, I will be home right after. There is a reason. I went home for a reason and there is a reason I am staying until January. We can just celebrate Christmas one month late family!!

More bad news. haha I have an ingrown toenail. But like, wayyy bad. On saturday I have to get the surgery that I got when I was little. YAYYYY! So for 2 weeks I will be preaching the gospel, but in my hawaiian sandals because I cant wear close toed shoes! Mom loves my cute sandals ;)

This week was SO great. It started out and we had a zone activity and zone meeting. We learned about how our studies affect our investigators and it is so true. I am here to help other people and what I do from 6:30-10:30 AM is CRUCIAL! On the way home we were in the train and one of my zone leaders shared with me an experience he had on the train. He said how he saw all the people on the train as children of God and he started to talk to everyone. Right after he told me that, I felt the same way. All these people around me are children of God and I NEED to let them know that. This week we talked to so many people and yes, like everyone rejected us but that doesnt matter! Everyone deserves the opportuntity to hear the message we have. 

Fun fact. This week for lunch, the members gave us spagetti EVERY DAY and the plate was like bigger than our heads! SO MANY CARBS. This is the COUNTRY OF CARBS! I hate carbs. 

My companion is like AMAZING. She is from santa cruz bolivia and this week we didnt have too many lessons. We were walking and trying to contact the last few old investigators that are in the area book so we had lots of time to chat. She told me her life story and it forever changed my perspective. She looks like an average girl, shes hilarious, but she comes from the worst of the worst. She never has had a relationship with her father and has lived in complete poverty her entire life. She told me that she has never had a bathroom. The just dug holes outside of the house. She lived with out electricity months on end. Whenever she would get sick, she had to cure herself naturally because they couldnt afford to go to the doctor. As she shared this with me the question came into my mind of why I was so blessed to be born where I was. In the states, we have no idea. NO IDEA what other people go through. I started crying right in the street. She asked me what was wrong and all I could say was tell her that I love her and that I am so sorry she had to go through that. She is seriously the sweetest girl I have ever met and I love her so much. I would do anything for her. 

I cannot express how blessed I am so be here in the mission. These experiences change us. I am changed and will continue to change. Mom shared with me how she is sharing the gospel and each and every one of us  need to share this gospel with others. Those of you who aren´t members, learn about the church. I testify that it is true and that it is of God and that someday we can be families forever. And that is why I am here. That is why I will walk each day 15 miles or more and have every door in Luis Guillon slammed in my face because I know its true and I know that people need this.

I love you all!

Hermana Root

1. My latina daughters! The two hermanas that I trained. Hermana C√≥ncenes y Hermana Ato. 
2. My not so great zone photo
3. CHIPA! haha my companions favorite food! 
4. Happy Birthday Nena! 

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