Monday, April 20, 2015

Training! (4/13/15)

Hola mis amores! Wow, what a week! 

So my new companion, or my hija (daughter) is here and she is WONDERFUL! Her name is Hermana Ato from Santa Cruz Bolivia. She is seriously the latin version of me and we get along SO well! She is so sweet and humble and just wants to learn and work so hard. We have seen so many miracles in this week.

We are still LOOKING EVERYWHERE for investigators! Ive been here for 4 weeks and have contacted every single one of the old investigators and so we are at a point where we HAVE to talk to every person in the street, beg the members for references, and COMPLETELY rely on the lord. This week we had a HUGE miracle happen. It was hermanas 3rd day and we had yet to have a lesson with anyone other than less actives. Our goal for the week was to have lessons with members but every time we brought a member, the investigator wasnt home. We both felt very stressed and irritated. So we prayed and started to knock doors. Every door slammed in our face, a woman yelled at us, and a man told us that we are wasting our time no one will ever listen. I looked and saw tears in my companions eyes and I just felt horrible. These were her first days in the mission and I wanted her to have success. I prayed so hard. Out of no where my companion was like hermana, I really want popcorn. Can we go buy some to eat during Language study tonight? And I remembered that there was a plaza across from the grocery store where we oculd talk to people so we went. We talked with every person we could on the way to the store and nothing. All of a sudden it started to rain, SOO hard. She said hermana I dont want popcorn anymore lets just go home. But for some reason I felt strongly that we needed to go. So we went. Right outside the store was a woman who works in a fruit stand. Without even thinking we started talking to her, it was raining so hard and she said come back tomorrow at 3! We were in shock! We went in the store and came out and another woman was waiting for the bus. We talked to her and she immediately gave us her address. We easily could have went home when it started to rain and called it a night, but we kept going. I learned that we cant just do things halfway, we have to do things all the way and thats when the blessings come. We now have 2 new investigators and it was ALL because our heavenly father. We got home that night COMPLETELY soaked but it didnt matter, finally we had someone to teach!!

That was the main miracle of the week. My companion told me she never knew what she was signing up for when he came on the mission haha. She said she didnt know her little legs could walk as much as we do. I am wearing her out but she is such a good sport. Shes teaching me so much and we are learning and growing together. She told me that her last sunday in the MTC she fasted that she would good a good trainer and she told me her prayers were answered. Its hard to train, its a lot of pressure but I am doing my best and she in honestly teaching me more than I am teaching her. 

And BTW, this week I had my first hot dog in over 10 years. I vowed with Grandma Root that I would never eat other one again after she told me what was in it and one of the members gave us hotdogs for lunch. I was crying on the inside haha. 

Thats about it!
I love the mission and I am so grateful to be here. Now to find the people God is preparing!

Hermana Root

1. Hermana Ato and I 
2. Hermana Villarel, we got here on the same day! Shes from Salta Argentina
3. Hermana Ato and I with Presidente and Hermana Thurgood
4. Hermana Del Pino from Uruguay! She goes home this transfer :(
5. Her first facturas! The best thing in Argentina!!
6. Soaking wet from the rain
7. Happy Gotcha Day Shaylee!!!

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