Monday, April 20, 2015

Una Feliz Hermanita! (3/24/15)

Oh my word, what a week or 10 days or whatever it has been. I am still alive! Opening an area is hard, extremely hard! I am exhausted but I am so happy. Basically I have been placed in the BEST word Argentina has to offer. Lunch every single day, the members want to work, and everyone loves us! 

So we spent the first part of the week basically in the pention just organizing everything, making a plan, and trying to find where all the old investigators and everyone lived. It drains you mentally!! haha and it was SOO hot! But now its super cold so i am not complaining. 

We had zone conference this week and it was AWESOME. I SAW HERMANA CONCENES! (the girl I trained!) We hugged for like 10 minutes and just cried. She just kept telling everyone, this is my mom and she resurrected! haha¨ President Thurgood is such an inspired man. PREACH MY GOSPEL IS KEY! He was talking about how we all need to be driven and have desire and he said ¨When I had to send Hermana Root home, she almost killed me. But never before have I seen anyone with such a desire to get back¨ I did have such a desire to get back because I love it. Sometimes I wonder why because my feet are covered in blisters, im exhausted, and just want to sleep, but the spiritual blessings that come from this is UNREAL. I could not have given up this opportunity to serve my heavenly father these remaining 10 months. 

We found an investigator named Stella (yes, that is my dogs name jaja) and she is AWESOME. She accepted to be baptized too!! Whooo! Also, I met a man in the streets thats from the states, we spoke english, and he wants the elders to come teach him! There are just SOO many miracles happening here. I am so blessed to be apart of it. 

So I am with a mini missionary, so she is just a normal girl that has not gone to the MTC and basically knows nothing about the mission. I teach basically all alone in the lessons and she shares her testimony, I do all the planning and she falls asleep haha I keep trying to motivate her and share all the responsibility but she seems to have no confidence in herself. Also she is always talking about boys. Like ALL the time. And I have told her like 100 times, I am single ( more than ever before) and I am not here to get married, we are here to find the people who God is preparing, so focus haha. She´s a wonderful girl! But we sure have some differences. 

Funny story of the week. We were planning one night after we had got home and we hear this noise. We turn around and a HUGE cockroach is on the ground. FELL FROM THE CEILING! I started to scream, Oh my gosh Oh my gosh! And stood on the desk haha Hermana Espinola killed it and then we got back to work. About 20 minutes later, someone knocks on the door. I go to answer it and it was the neighbor. She asked if we were okay because she heard screaming. I explained what had happened. And she had her phone in her hands READY TO CALL THE POLICE! She thought someone had broke it and was about to call the police. I was SO embarassed. Can you imagine if the argentine police showed up to our apartment??! 

In our district meeting this week we learned about the power of prayer and so as we left the apartment yesterday morning we prayed fervently that we would be able to find someone who has been looking for this gospel. Not one minute after we left the apartment, a woman yells, Hermanas Hermanas, vengan! We went over and she was a girl about in her 30s and she explained that she had been looking for missionaries for years. She has gone inactive but she wanted to come back and her husband wants to hear the lessons. As we walked away, I just started to cry. I am so grateful I am permitted to know these people and to be an instrument in God´s hands. I am imperfect and just a normal girl but just when we are willing God use us just in the way he needs. 

ALSO found a wonderful quote: Pray like everything depends on god, work like everything depends on you!

Well, back to another week full of work. I am loving Luis Guillon and I am so blessed to be here. AMO LA MISION! 

Love you all!! 
Hermana Root

-- Fotos:
1. Hermana Espinola and I 
2. Hermana CONCENES!

3. Already getting my super hot tan line back. Mom, I walked in the house with these dirty feet. 

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