Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Classic Argentina! (4/27/15)

Hola hola! Another Monday! The weeks just pass so quickly. They feel like a day and then all of a sudden its monday again. What a week! Finally we are starting to see fruits of our labor here in Luis Guillon!!! 

First off, the toe! haha I went to the doctor about the toe over a month ago. They just have kept putting it off. ALL THEY NEEDED TO DO WAS GET IT OUT. But, because Argentine Medical is SOO grate, its now infected and horrible! but hey, whats a little ingrown toenail when you walk 15 miles a day! We went to the appointment on Saturday and they said, actually we arent going to do it today, we are doing it tuesday. SO tomorrow they should talk this STUPID thing out!! I am about to just rip my entire nail out myself! 

But on a brighter and less disgusting note, this week was AWESOME! We started it off and we are having a little bit of a hard time with one of our investigators. He is gay but so sweet. We want to help him understand the plan of salvation and that having these temptations is not wrong, but acting upon them is a sin. We talked about in district meeting and as a district we found ways to help him see his real potentical and use the atonement to become stronger. Only in the mission you become the counselor for just about EVERY problem under the sun!

MIRACLE! We have been praying and praying that we could find investigators. We are literally talking to EVERYONE but nothing. We decided we were going to go and visit the members, gain their trust, and see if they have references for us. Familia Guarino gave us a name of a less active. We went immedietely. We got there and the husband and wife were sitting outside and they looked so depressed. Their son had died and the wife, who is not a member, was just filled with sadness. The invited us right in and we started to talk. She told us everything that had happened and my companion and I taught the Plan of Salvation. We assured her that her son was okay and that if she did her part, she would see him again. As we finished, we asked the husband to say the closing prayer and the spirit was SOOO strong. The faces of these two people had changed. They werent filled with darkess and sadness like they were when we got there.  As we left, he said, I know that you two are sent from God, please come back soon. My companion and I started to walk home and it was about 8:30. We both started to cry in the street and she hugged me and said, we are so blessed to be missionaries. Thats the honest truth. Every trial in the mission is worth it just to see how peoples lives can CHANGE with this gospel. We went back 3 days in a row and they are both progressing so much. 

We had exchanges this week and I was with Hermana Rojas from Mexico. We had 3 appointments that day, and EACH ONE fell through! So we spent the entire day walking! haha

MORE MIRACLES. We have been working so much with 2 families. Familia Veron and Familia Beradone. They both have been inactive for quite some time. Familia Veron is HUGE they have 6 kids, the parents, and the grandparents. 10 in total! YESTERDAY ALL 10 WERE AT CHURCH!! and Familia Beradone AS WELL!! 


This week I read in D&C 138 about how christ ¨served¨ his 3 year mission and from the outside, it looks as if he had no success. Everyone rejected him but look at the effect he made. My mission is the same. It looks on the outside that I havent helped anyone. I dont have many baptisms or investigators, but there is a huge change in me. I dont regret one day here in the mission! I LOVE IT! I finished reading Our Search for Happiness by Russel M Ballard and i want EVERYONE, member and non member to read it!! It explains everything we believe and its SO great!! 

Thats about it, 
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!! 

Hermana Root

1. Hermana Ato and I
2. Her first month down! I made her pancakes!
3. Hermana Rojas and I in exchanges
4. Preaching in my flip flops! 

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