Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Estoy en Luis Guillón! (6/29/15)

Wow, another transfer has come and gone! I AM STAYING IN BUENOS AIRES SOUTH!!! IM NOT GOING TO THE NEW MISSION!!!! WHOOO! Hermana Ato offically finished her training and she is now a MISSIONARY ALL READY FOR THESE NEXT 18 MONTHS! But, we are still together! The elders are gone and my companion and I have THE WHOLE CITY OF LUIS GUILLÓN!! ITS HUGE! ITS GHETTO! AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO ROB US! hahah but its okay, the spirit will protect us!!

Matteas wedding looked SOO cute! I am jealous! The mission makes you want to get married haha! MOM! YOUR SO SKINNY! AND SAYGE WEIGHTS 100 POUNDS, MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING!

This week was INSANE! We WORKED so hard! Actually, I worked so hard. SO my companion still has her crutches so we cordinated with the relief society and my companion went to a members house for the day and I left with the youth and returned missionaries! BASICALLY we have 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS AND EVERYONE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED! Our new area is READY TO BE HARVESTED and I am SOO excited to just work!!

This week we had a meeting with our bishop and he can tell that we really are working hard. He gave us some ideas to work better with the members and we really are so united! This ward is the best. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE! Once they found out that we are now going to be in the villa ( or the ghetto!) all the members just gave us referrals without us even asking! AND NOT ONLY DID THEY GIVE US NAMES, but they told us what day they were going to go with us to teach them! MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST WORK EVER!! Everyone needs to know what we know!!

I had the opportunity to teach The Restoration like 20 times this week with many different members and its so amazing how my testimony will never stop growing! I KNOW this is the church of jesus christ, I KNOW we have the authority of God, and I KNOW that the book of mormon is true! Those of you who don´t know, TALK TO THE MISSIONARIES! THE MESSAGE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

One of the girls in the ward left for her mission in Peru today and last night we went to her setting apart. I remember the (first time) I got set apart and all the excitement i had. Thinking back to that day over a year ago, I can see that I have grown and changed so much in this year. God has changed me. Im a different person and it is because I have given my heart to him and worked my very hardest. Thinking that I only have 5 transfers left scared me! I love the mission and I never want to stop sharing this gospel!

WELL, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! I will enjoy my week getting lost in the new area and getting to know all the cool thugs that live in the GHETTO! We are going to ROCK THIS TRANSFER!! Time to find the chosen people!!

Love you all!! 

Hermana Root

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