Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Semana de Locura! (6/22/15)

Hola familia!
Wow another week has come and gone! AND I HAVE A HORRIBLE COLD. Seriously this week has been INSANE. My companion and I put a lot of goals and had a lot of things planned for the week to find new investigators BUT on wedneday my companion fell down and they are pretty sure she tore a ligament in her right knee. They are giving her two weeks and if shes not better, shes going home.

She has been taking it super hard. I remember when I was in the same position but the ward is so awesome that they are going to help us a lot. This week we have it cordianted so I can do splits with hermanas from the relief society everyday and another hermana is going to come to our apartment to stay with my companion.

I also lost the keys to the church this week so prayers so that I can find them would be REALLLLYYY appreciated. The bishop will kill me if i dont find them.

Fun story. One of the girls in our ward leaves on her mission to Peru in a week and her family called and was like Hermana Root, call sofie and ask her to be your companion for the day and we will take Hermana Ato to our house and at 7 pm be at the church for a surpised going away party for her. So she was my companion all day and at 7 we went to the church. All the lights were off and I said I had to go to the bathroom but I said I was scared to go upstairs first. So she walked upstairs and opened the door to the cultural hall and SURPRISE!! She bursted into tears. Shes a very humble girl and the whole ward brought clothes, shoes, luggage etc. so that she would have all she needed for the mission. It was so sweet!

President called and it looks like Hermana Ato and I are going to stay together again but we are going to have ALL Luis Guillon. The elders are going to leave and we are getting the VILLA (the ghetto!) WHOO! SO looks like I will have 6 more weeks in Luis Guillón!!

Bridon looks adorbs, Happy birthday Bay, Happy fathers day daddy, and happy wedding mattea!!

Love you all!
Hermana Root

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2. Hermana Flake y Hermana Ostler
3. Our christmas in June zone meeting!
4. Elder Santos!

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