Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All Alone! (7/6/15)

Hola familia!!! Muy buenas tardes a todos!!
WOW I do not even know where to start. This week was INSANE! Literally, the worst and the best. 

First off, Hermana Ato had to go home. (My companion) Like Ive mentioned, she fell down and she had her two weeks of resting and her knee was worst so they sent her home. We found out wednesday night and we were both so sad. It was so difficult because i know exactly how it is. She left thursday night for Bolivia and it was so hard. I was her only companion in the mission. She only had 3 months and we were so close. She taught me so much. As she left she told me that I changed her life and I told her that I feel like she came on the mission to change my life. She comes from very humble backgrounds and its looking like she will not have money to pay for the treatment she needs. It broke my heart. She probably wont be coming back to the mission. It was so hard, but I also know that there is a reason for everything and there is something she needs to do in Bolivia. I promised her I would go to her wedding someday so hopefully we shall see each other again.

I am now with the Hermanas that are in a city called Monte Grande. We are in a trio and are in charge of ALL OF LUIS GUILLON AND ALL OF MONTE GRANDE. It is SOOOOO huge our area right now but its okay. Tomorrow I am getting a mini missionary and will be with her for 5 weeks and who knows what will happen. I will be in Luis Guillon until I finish the mission it seems like haha.

We now have the area of the elders and there is just one word for it: GHETTO!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! Hermana Dunlop and I went there on friday and saturday and it is SOO scary but its okay haha the lord will protect us. But, the good news is that the people are WONDERFUL! They all talk to us and they are super nice. We go without backpacks and just with the book of mormons that we give out and just teach the people! I guy tried to rob us but we ran to the closest house and just walked right in. haha. Its actually super hilarious! Although its super sketchy, I dont feel like I shouldnt be there. Theres a reason I am there and God will protect us! I also witnessed my first drug deal so basically this next transfer will be VERRRRRY exciting!

fourth of july was AWESOME. we all 3 wore red white and blue and we went to eat lunch with a member and it just happened that saturday was a futbol game Argentina vs Chile and ARGENTINES HATE CHILE! Well, chile happens to have the same colors as the states, RED WHITE AND BLUE. So basically no one talked to us the entire day. haha but its ok, I LOVE AMERICA.

Yesterday I had to go to church with the relief society president of my ward and I was all alone. It was so weird. The 2nd counselor asked me how I was doing and I told him I was stressed because last week Guillon had 4 missionaries and now they only have me! And hes like HERMANA, your just so awesome that the lord knew you could do the work of 4 missionaries so he just let them all abandon you! haha But the truth is that I am super stressed but I have to just trust in the lord!

Time to work so hard and do what the lord needs me to do! 

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