Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Who knew toes were so important? (5/7/15)

Hola! So, its thursday and not monday but we FINALLY have an opportunity to write. Wow, what a week and a half. I got my toe surgery and oh my gosh. Where do I even start!!

So my companion and I headed to the hospital and 7pm on tuesday. I should have known it was going to be insane when they told me it was at 7, who has a surgery at night?! But oh well, we got there and we checked it. In my mind I am thinking it is going to be the same as it was in the states. I go, I sit down in a chair, they put a shot in my toe, make a little cut, get rid of the ingrown, and chau! all done! I thought I would be able to go back to work right after, WELL they do things VERRRRY different here and just forgot to mention that. We checked in and they took us up to a HOSPITAL ROOM. Like with the bed and the tv and the IV thing and told me take off all your clothes and put on this little dress (the dress was made of the material of the bib at the dentist, the see through thing, ya) and I was like ummm, Im here for an ingrown toenail, why do I need to take off my clothes. And shes like your going in to surgery senorita! I was like ummm what?! then they told me my companion couldnt go with my and they wheeled me away! I was almost in tears SCARED FOR MY LIFE. I get to the surgery room and they start to put an IV in me. I was like WHOA WHOA what is this? Why are you doing this? ASking thousands of questions and the nurse was like Muchacha why are you asking so many questions!! I was like Sorry, i did this in my country and it was so simple. Why is this so complicated! So they put an IV and hooked me up to a bunch of machines and then the shot in the toe. Holy mama, that hurt just as bad as everything that happened with my knee haha. But then they put a sheet over my face and I had NO IDEA what happened. I got done and they wheeled me to a room, my companion came, and we waited. We had been waiting 2 hours and not one time a nurse came in and blood was coming out of my iv so my comp went to find the nurses. Turns out, they had NO IDEA i was in there!! So a nurse came and they took the iv out and I went home. My toe was in like a huge task and I didnt feel a thing! But the next day I was convinced they had cut my entire toe off! SOO PAINFUL! The doctor didnt give us any instructions or pain meds. SO the mission doctor told us what to do. Basically, I couldnt walk for a week and yesterday we went to the doctor and I have 3 stiches in my toe and it looks HORRIBLE. I will send pictures :) But, I was imformed that they will take the stiches out next wedneday and until then I am not allowed to work at all! I am GOING INSANE in the house. You can only read and listen to EFY music for so long.

On a good note, the relief society is being SOO awesome. They are bringing us lunch everyday and are doing splits with us so that we can visit our investigator. My companion goes with a member and a member stays at home with me. She is NEW to the mission and is teaching Graciella basically alone!! We practice in the morning what she will say and then practice with the member and then she goes and teaches and comes back! NO BIG DEAL!! WE HAVE A BAPTISM DATE! May 30th, graciella will be baptised!! I am soo happy! Shes such an awesome lady. Its killing me to be in the house. I am going insane but, theres a reason for all of this. Yesterday I started to cry because I was just so frustrated and wanted to go and work and my companion got nervous because I am usually always happy. She took the cell and sent a message to President Thurgood. ¿She said she wanted to send one to hermana thurgood but she doesnt speak spanish.) She deleted the message so I have no idea what it said and a few minutes later he called. He asked me what was wrong and I told him just how frustrated I am that a stupid TOENAIL is keeping me from working. He said, hermana root I think your biggest trial in the mission is going to be learning patience and how to get through these health problems! But I am assured you will learn it by the time your mission finishes! Its true, the lord is trying my patience and before we know it I will be back to work.

So prayers would be appreciated so that my chopped up toe can get back to normal. And maybe prayers for the doctors in Argentina so they can learn how to do medicine! hahah

But, the members are so awesome that they are going to pick us up sunday and I still get to skype you mommy for mothers day!!

Love you all, the church is true!
Hermana Root

ALSO, ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION FOR ME!! I left for the mtc one year ago today! Oh how time flies!!

1. Right after the surgery, (I was smiling because at this point the drugs were still strong!)
2. The toe!!

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