Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another Companion! (7/20/15)

Hola familia!!!
Wow, what a week. SOOO my companion went home early!!! SOO I HAVE ANOTHER COMPANION and shes ANOTHER mini missionary. SOoo yeah, time to start all over and teach them how to be a missionary. basically, MY LIFE IS A MESS AND IM SO STRESSED but its all okay, every experience is to help us grow!!

This week actually was AWESOME!
First off, Geuliana y Yasmin ARE GOING TO BE BAPTIZED! They are both 14 and their dad is less active and they are progressing SOOO much. Its insane how they have changed just in these few weeks. We started out and they both were into boys and drugs and now all they want to do is go to church and the activities. It makes me SOOOO happy. This makes it worth it when you can see the people change their entire lives just to come to christ. ITS THE BEST!

We also found a lot of investigators this week. We worked SOO hard and we talked with a lot of the old investigatores that the elders had and there are sooo many people who are prepared. The area is so humble but the people are so GREAT! It makes me sad that the only people who want to listen are those who are struggling. Why is it that so many people only remember God when things are bad. WE NEED TO ALWAYS REMEMBER HIM. I never want to be a prideful person and in the mission I am learning that we ALL have our prideful moments but we all need to learn how to be more humble. EVERYTHING is better when we are humble.

I am learning so much about the importance of the members!! this week we were in lunch and a sister was like hey hermanas I feel like I should go and visit a less active names Jaqueline, can you go with me? We dropped all our plans and went. We got there RIGHT when she needed us the most. We shared a mormon message video and the member could understand her and share her feelings better than what we could. We were there to testify and share how she could feel better ( THROUGH THE ATONEMENT OF CHRIST! ) But the member wiped her tears and gave her the love she needed. How often do we just get so wrapped up in our own problems that we forget that there are others who need us. After this, the member thanked us for going with her and she left Jaquelines house filled with the spirit! WE NEED TO SERVE OTHERS OKAY!!

Yeah so now I am going to get to working hard training Hermana Chavez for these next 3 weeks and GET USED TO ANOTHER COMPANION! change is good no?? haha


Picture: Mom you would die here! There is trash EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! :)
TODAY WE MADE MAC AND CHEESE!! My friends mom is a flight attendant and she brought us make and cheese!!

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