Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back in Business (5/18/15)

It truly has been a wonderful week.

Recieving news of Mike was a little difficult. Erika is one of the greatest friends I have and it hurts me to think that her family is suffering at this time. But, I cannot help but think of how blessed we are to have the knowledge of the gospel. I know where he is, that he will be okay, and that one day their family will be reunited again. There family has been in my prayers and even in the prayers of my sweet companion.

This week we went to the doctor on wednesday and they took the stiches out and we went RUNNING home. We have been working since Wednesday and have been working SO hard. We are making up for lost time. Lets hope this is the last medical problem for the next 8 months. I just cannot take anymore quality time in Argentine hospitals.

Our investigator Graciela is progressing, slowly but surely. She has a lot of problems but she is so receptive to the gospel. We are at her house just about every day and she is a slow learner but I love seeing how the gospel is changing her. We really are in need of investigators so my companion and I have been praying about it for weeks and feel strongly that the only way to do it is to gain the members confidence and recieve referals. When we are converted to the gospel, we want to share it with those we love! We have had a lot of success with this. The members really are trusting us and have been giving many referals. Not one has been for our area but we are going to keep trying!!

Mom you´ll be proud! One of the members here Hermana Martinez, fell and has to be on bed rest for 20 days. She is going insane and has started to have a lot of anxiety problems. We have been visiting her and have done some service projects in her house and I told her that I had a few ¨oils¨ i wanted to give her. I gave her some of the essential oils mom got me and her house REAKS! haha but she is SOO happy and says its helping so much. They dont have these good things here in Argentina!!

One of the members told us a story this week about her son who is on the mission in Brazil. It was his birthday and his mom wanted to get him some presents. Brazil is super close so she just drove to the mission home and left the things with the mission presidents wife. Her son is very obedient and always follows the advice that they set. We compared this to heavenly father. When we are obedient, he is willing to give us the gifts and talents that will help us grow. He is often so close and we dont even realize. Her son never even knew that she was there. So many times we miss the hand of God in our lives, but he is always blessing us, and even MORE when we are obedient.

We got to watch the dedication of the temple in Cordoba and it was such a wonderful experience. I have such a testimony of the temple. I know that only there can we have families that are eternal. I know its the house of the Lord. It made me so happy that the country that i LOVE so much has another temple. President Uchtdorf dedicated it and he gave a beautiful blessing to the entire country of argentina that their hearts will be softened and they will accept the message of the gospel. The people here are prideful but I know that as missionaries we will be guided to those that he is preparing.

And one more story to end! One of the strongest members in the ward was telling us about how she truly learned to forgive people. She is a convert and at 17 years old she was pregnant. her best friend who is a member started to speak horribly about her and to this day continues to do so. She wanted to stop attending the church and inactivate because was so offended. BUT, she said a prayer at 17 years old and she opened up the scriptures and found the story of Lot´s wife. How she looked back. She decided that she was going to forgive and move on. To this day, the woman has never apologized but, Hermana Martinez remains active and literally the strongest woman I think I have ever met. What a lesson that I learned. We need to forgive and move forward. Dont dwell on the past and become better each day.

It has been a wonderful week. I have learned and grown so much. I realized today that I only have 36 weeks left in the mission and it put tears in my eyes. A lot of my friends ended there mission today and it scares me to think that will be me. I love this work. I love my calling and this opportunity I have to represent my savior here in Argentina. We are so blessed.

I love you all,
till next week!
Chau Chau!!

1. A little piece of hawaii!!
2. Hermana Ato and I
3. Hermana Jenkins who just got transfered to the Coast :( We will be finishing the mission together!
4. Elder Rios! He was in my zone when I started the mission in Avellaneda and he just finished his mission today!
5. Sofie! She is a member here and the greatest! She leaves on her mission ot Peru in July!
6. Hermana Yave from Spain who just got transfered as well :(
7. Elder Tyler, Elder Powlus, Hermana Ato and I
8. Flabia! Shes a member here and SOO awesome! 

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