Tuesday, July 28, 2015

¡Que bendecidas que somos! (6/1/15)

Holllaaa! Wow, what a week. I am so blessed to be a missionary and be able to experience all of the wonderful things that happen in the mission. I learned SO much this week.

First off, I was stupid for whining so much last week. Yeah, the mission is hard and no I havent had many investigators during my mission, but the mission is the best. Skye gave me some wise words and basically changed everything. Job- go and read it! Whining is not an option! and 2 nephi 4... We need to stop whining and look to the lord! We all have our hard times, but in reality, the savior suffered everything and do we think we are too good to suffer? If the savior of the world had to pass through so much, why cant I pass through a few trials in the mission??

We worked so hard this week. We put the goal that we are going to talk to EVERYONE! My companion has so much fear of talking to people in the streets but we put 10 pictures of christ in each of our agendas each day and we couldnt go home until we had talked to 10 people each. 2 PEOPLE SAID WE COULD GO VISIT THEM!!!! YEAHHH!!!! The first time in over 6 weeks that someone has given their address!! Its the little things that mean the most haha!

ALSO, we are working SOOO much with the less actives. A family that has been inactive for over 3 years came to the church yesterday!! THE WHOLE FAMILY! Also, 4 women and a couple!! My purpose is to invite others to come unto christ and thats what we are doing. We are successful. We are following the spirit. And there is no reason to be sad.

Yesterday at 4pm, the missionaries that are in charge of our visas and such called and said my companion had to go to Buenos Aires today to get her visa. We had to do exchanges with other hermanas that were in Florencio Varela, like 2 hours away! One of the members said she would drive us and we ended up getting SUPER lost and finally getting here last night at like 10. I am with Hermana Glasier from California until tomorrow night and today we had an ´´ American P-day´´ We went to McDonalds and ate ice cream and went to the mall! WE BOUGHT PEANUT BUTTER AND NUTELLA. Its not the same as the states but it works. Sometimes its good to be with an american so we can speak in english and reminis about how amazing america is, god bless america.

BUT, that was my week!! I hope you are all doing well, shery is about to pop, bostyn looks like a pro ballerina, and mason graduated pre school WHOO WHOO!

I love you all, les amo!!!
Nos vemos pronto familia!

Hermana Root

1. Rainy days in Luis Guillón!
2. God Bless America outfit (this was argentinas independence day so I chose to dress up like america)
3. My old compañera Hermana Nava!
4. Hermana Knowlton! 

5. My old companion Hermana Vasconcellos from Brazil
6. All the companions of Hermana Vasco
7.Doing facials last p-day with the ward missionaries!

8. The first time my companion has ever needed to use a coat!!
9. Hermana Glazier and I!
10. YAYY MCDONALDS. The closest thing to america.
11. HOYT!

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