Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hola! (5/11/15)

Hola familia, tanto tiempo.. chiste.

Seeing that I talked to you all yesterday, I dont have toooo much to say today. So glad my cute toe was a huge part of the conversation yesterday.. dont worry grandma, I will live and the toe will get better! But, I love you all and it was so good to hear your voices yesterday. To think that I will call only one more time and then I will be coming home a month after hit me yesterday. The time passes so fast and I never want to stop being a missionary.

This week we have had to lay low still (SO MUCH RESTING FOR A STUPID TOENAIL!) so I have had a lot of opportunity to study and prepare myself to go out and teach the people! haha but I started to read the book of mormon and write a summary of each chapter. I am already almost done with 2 nephi! I cannot get enough of that book. Reading it really helps you grow closer to our Heavenly Father. I was reading in 2 Nephi 4 and I remember reading that while I was home. Nephi´s dad had just died and he has stupid brothers and he was just overwhelmed. But, we then realized that through Christ he can recieve strength. STORY OF MY LIFE. I have recieved so much strength and I am so blessed for all the blessings I am given. Like I told mom yesterday, WE ARE SOO BLESSED.

Yesterday we got to leave the HOUSE and go to stake conference. It was SOO wonderful. We had communicated with our investigator and she said she was going to come. One of the members went to go and pick her up and she was ¨Sick¨ so that means that she wont be getting baptized May 30th ughh. but oh well, we will have patience and help her prepare for another day!!

Well, we will just be keeping it on the down low until wednesday and when they FINALLY take these stitches out LUIS GUILLON WONT KNOW WHAT HIT EM! We will be working so hard to make up for this lost time. for all my missionary friends, dont get ingrown toenails, they are ugly and argentina really doesnt know how to handle them! hahaha

This weekend they will dedicate the temple in Cordoba, Argentina and we get to watch the dedication on sunday!! WHOOO!


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