Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Saygiee!! (7/13/15)


This week has been INSANE! I am with Hermana Gomez, shes a mini missionary that is from Colon, Argentina and she is awesome. She actually went on the mission to Chile but came home early due to depression. She offered to serve these 6 weeks so she can finish the mission off right.

We are working super hard. We are having ALL of luis guillon and I actually am LOVING my super ghetto area. All the thugs tell us hi and say Ohh look its the women of God! HOLA ELDERES HERMANAS! jaja but no one has robbed us and we are making friends with all the people down in the ghetto!

My companion is still suffering with depression and she is most likely going to finish her mini mission this week. Its really hard. Shes so awesome but she just has a hard time handling all the stress the mission brings. Im doing ALL i can to get her to stay! We shall see what happens!

Weird story! This week we invited a family to go a ward activity on the 9th (which is independence day here!) Her mom said she didnt want to go but the little gil wanted to so we went and got her. Tha activity was AWESOME but we took the little girl home and left the house and a few seconds later she comes running out yelling Hermana Root Hermana Root ayudame! (help me!) So I go running back and burst in the house. Her mom was HORRIBLY drunk and crying but she recognized me immedietly. She asked me sit on her bed and she was histarical. It scared me so bad but the little girl went to the corner. She took my hand was like Root help me, please dont leave me. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A DRUNK WOMAN IS BEGGING YOU NOT TO ABANDON HER! So I prayed literally outloud in english and I felt like we needed to leave. SO i was like sorry hermana but we have to go. We will visit you another day. We walked outside and she was crying and yelling and her little girl followed us. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and was like I dont want to be here hermana, please take me with you. I wanted to just kidnap her and take her from this horrible home but I am not allowed to do that so I hugged her and we prayed. In the middle of this ghetto street, hugging this 9 year old girl, I said the most real prayer I think I have ever said. I begged heavenly father to bless her and protect her. We finished and she whispered in my ear, I love you hermana root, you are like my big sister. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my mission. I really could feel the power of our heavenly father around her and I knew he would protect her.

We also have had so many miracles this week. We visited a member who is less active and it turns out he wants to come back to church and HIS WHOLE FAMILY IS LISTENING TO US and have baptism dates and they all went to church yesterday. You cant replace these moments. I have always been obedient in the mission but I am finally becoming less of a robotic missionary and more of an example of christ. There are so many people who need us and my companion and I are literally talking to everyone!! We got on the bus the other day and started to share our testimonies and ended up getting the addresses from almost everyone on the bus! We started singing hymns in the train and everyone wants to know what they heck we are doing and why we are here! No, not everyone wants to come to church but they are curious as to why we are here and WE JUST HAVE TO TALK TO THEM!

basically, I LOVE THE MISSION!

Love you all,


1. eating LOCRO! tradicional argentina food!
2. The primary dancing tradicional argentina dances!
3. My companion and I HERMANA GOMEZ!
4.one of the members had an ed sherran shirt! WHOOO!

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