Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The longest week of my life! (7/27/15)

Helllllo family.

Well, this week has been a HORRIBLE and WONDERFUL week. I am with hermana chavez still. She told me that I use to much water, need to stop using more than 4 squares of toilet paper, and that I am to hard on myself and need to work less. Shes.... interesting. Shes like a want to be hippy that is always angry. So basically i havent laughed in an entire week and am counting down the days till this transfer ends. 2 more weeks..... but I know that I am with her for a reason. I just pray that President will not put me with mini missionaries anymore. I have reached my breaking point.

today a member told me I needed to come to her hair salon to have a deep conditioning treatment because my hair looks like dreadlocks! hahahaha

This week we had interviews with president and I walk in the room and he just starts laughing. Hes like Hermana, I am soo sorry but if there is anyone in the mission who could do this, its you! I was like no president, I cant do it! I am going crazy! haha but I will keep going. He told me that he is so grateful I came back and that he can tell how much I am growing. We all put goals about a christ like attribute that we wanted to develope and I chose charity. He said hermana, I want you to think about when you first got to the mission and now. Look how much you have changed. Now you love the people more than yourself. You have developed charity without even realizing it and then it all hit me, this past year I have been doing the little things and now i am A LITTLE more christlike. There is still so much more to learn!

HEY DAD, Hermana Thurgood, president's wife told me. Hermana Root, we put you with these companions because we know you won't complain and you will just do it. DAD I SO thought of you. Just like how you taught me. Just do what needs to be done and somehow I am doing it.

EVERYONE READ THE 2 TALKS UCHTDORF GAVE IN CONFERENCE! Theyyy are bomb!!!!!!! and they got me through this week!!!!!!!

Story time, So we are teaching this family and they are just awesome. But they smoke and have a long ways to go until they can be baptized but yesterday they came to church!!!!!!!!!! ( after we called and called and went to their house and insisted so much) Everyone in the ward treated them so well! IT WAS SO AWESOME! As they were leaving we all hugged and such and his wife, Adriana hugged me and with tears in her eyes she said Te quiero Root! Gracias por todo que hace. (I love you Root thank you for all you do) That moment made everything worth it! We bend over backward to help everyone and finally someone realized that the gospel is worth it. Their lives are changing and it all is thanks to Heavenly Father. He is changing there hearts.

Yeah so basically that was my week. Lots of walking, lots of teaching, and ONLY 6 MONTHS TO GO!

I love you all! I know Jesus lives and he loves us and NOBODY ever forget that :)

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