Sunday, January 17, 2016

And I'm In... (9/21/15)

WELL, guess what? MY HEART IS BROKEN. I had to leave Guillon. I got called on saturday night and informed that I am now going to serve in.... BANFIELD 1! WHOOO! I went from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich! Banfield is where the mission home is and its city, but all the houses are SUPER nice. So, basically I am in culture shock.. I got used to houses made of wood, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles (and whatever else they could find.) It was the WORST leaving guillon. I spent all day yesterday saying goodbye to all the families and investigatos I have grown to love so much. It was like saying goodbye to my family, but actually almost worst. Because I know I will see my family again, but I dont know if I will ever see these people again. (in this life) 

Super cool experience! Yesterday we went to say goodbye to the Martinez Family and when I got to Guillon he was inactive (the dad) The wife is SOOO faithful and has such a strong testimony. After A LOT of hard work, Hermano Martinez is now active, hes the president of Young Mens, and they are preparing to get sealed in the temple. Yesterday he got emotional and he told me Hermana Root, never have i given the time of day to any missionary that came to my house until you came. You have a very special spirit and I know that I knew you before this life. I want you to be there when we get sealed and I want you to know you will always be our missionary. I cried and cried and cried. The lord allowed me to know such beautiful people and he used me as an instrument to help this amazing family. Their daughters all cried and hermana martinez said when I get married shes going to be my maid of honor ( Dont worry anna, I will have 2 maids of honor haha) But, seriously, I am so blessed!

And then, we ended our goodbyes with the Familia Gattuso. (the two girls that got baptized.) Well adriana, the mom, is trying to quit her smoking habit and shes SOOO close to baptism. She made us Asado for dinner and she when we got done we all started to cry and Adriana told me that I was an angel sent from heaven and I got to her home in the perfect moment. We knelt and prayed and they promised me that the next time we saw each other would be when they are in the temple getting sealed as a family. When I got to the apartment, I knelt down and prayed and thanked my heavenly father for these past 7 months in Guillon. It truly was the perfect area and I saw SOO many miracles. I will always have a place in my heart for Luis Guillon BUT now I am in banfield and this will probably be my last area. My trainer ended her mission here!! 

It was horrible saying goodbye to Hermana Latoja BUT now, I am with Hermana Ostler from ENGLAND MY FIRST ENGLISH SPEAKING COMPANION! And I am also a Sister Training Leader. I get to go and do exchanges with the other hermanas to help them out and make sure they are all doing okay. I know that this is going to be the BEST transfer and all will be okay! 

I love you all! OH MY GOSH ONLY 3 MORE TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

See you soon!! 

1. Zona Monte Grande! 
2. Familia Zabala
3. Hermana Johnson 
4. Last Bike ride in Guillon!
5. Hermana Cosenza
6. Chau mis conversos :( Familia Gattuso!
7. Our last selfie!!
8. Chau Guillon :(
9. Familia Miño!
10. Hermana Martinez
11. Familia Martinez !
12. Hermana Miño!
13. Hermana Lita y Pamela!
14. Familia Rodriguez
15. My investigator Maria
16. Familia Cardona!
17. Rebeka Puodzunas!
18. Hermana Silvia!
19. Hermana Flavia!

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