Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MERRY NAVIDAD! (12/21/15)

merry christmas
happy navidad!
feliz christmas!
WHOOHOO!its 100 degrees here and it feels like the fourth of july but OH WELL!

This week was LONG. it was interesting as well but we saw a LOT of miracles and the lord is helping us so much! 

Skye send me an awesome talk called Finishers Wanted. It helped me so much. The lord DOES NOT WANT QUITTERS! he wants people who will endure to the end. My goal is to return from the mission with Honor but not just the mission, ALSO to the presence of my heavenly father! WE ALL NEED TO ENDURE TO THE END OKAY!

We found 2 new investigators this week and it was AWESOME! We went to do a family home evening with a less active and we told her she should invite her friends. SOO she invited her grandson and her neighbor AND THE LOVED IT! we taught the restoration and they accepted baptism dates!

Our ward mission leader decided this week he was not going to be our mission leader anymore. He asked to be released. So we are now in charge of everything.. I should be used to it since i´ve never had a ward mission leader until this ward! hahah 

This week we were EVERYWHERE! On tuesday, we had to teach a class in zone meeting about contacting references, on wednesday we had to teach all the district leaders of the mission how to work with the sister training leaders, thursday we went from appointment to appointment and we literally were RUNNING, catching buses, trying to be everywhere at the same time! Friday same story and on saturday we took our investigator daniela to get ice cream and we had a heart to heart. BASICALLY her father told her she cannot go to church anymore. SO she ran away!! We had no contact with her in a week and she told us that now shes living with her dad again but that he wants nothing to do with the church. UGHHH shes the perfect investigator and she wants to be baptized SOOO badly but she doesnt want to disappoint her dad. Shes 18 and can make her own decisions but we told her to fast and pray and follow the counsel of the lord. 

ALSO, maria rosa, our 75 year old investigator is doing awesome. Shes progressing and she will probably be baptized in January! WHOOHOO!

ALSOOO, we found a whole family from venezuela that ARE GOLDEN! they are here till february and they LOVE everything we have taught. They are just so awesome. 

This week we made the goal to talk to over 200 people using our A savior was born cards so that EVERYONE can think about christ this christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE christmas when its centered in christ. Yesterday Bishop gave a talk in sacrament meeting and he shared a conversation that I ahd with him. He asked me what would I like for christmas if i could have anything (he has a son in the mission and they didnt know what to send) I said, I would give anything for my moms sugar cookies and to smell the smell of my house. He shared that and said, We should all simplify our christmas season. The little things like hugs and cookies and TIME are the best gifts we can give. I am sad I wont be home for christmas but the 2 more important things in my life are the gospel and my family. I can give one more christmas to christ, and i know he will give me the rest of eternity with my family. 

Dont eat too much raspberry cream pie & I´ll talk to you fools on friday!


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