Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here We Go! (1/11/16)

Hola hola hola!!
how are you?? 
I hear burns is NOT the place to be right now, maybe i´ll just stay here in Buenos Aires to avoid the conflict! haha just kidding!

This week was BOMB! seriously, it was the best!! We saw soooo many miracles! THE LORD IS HELPING US SOOO MUCH!

Funny story: This week like 3 people asked me if I was from spain! They all think ym companion is from columbia and I´m from spain! Our 80 year old investigador this week asked me, so when do you go back to spain?? and i was like, im from the states and I go home in two weeks and shes like NO your my española! You arent american! And then she sang me a song that says, When the española kisses, she kisses from the heart! haha So basically everyone things I am española! haha

We put the goal when we started this transfer that we wanted to work with the members A WHOLE BUNCH! We spend like every night calling and asking members to go with us but at first, EVERYONE turned us down and this week, we had members ALL DAY with us! It was aswesome! Our lessons were more spiritual and we found 2 new investigators! WHOOHOO!

DANIELA! so remember her? YEAH WELL SHES GOING TO GET BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! MIRACLE MIRACLE MIRACLE! Shes the greatest! I told her she just had to put her trust in the lord and do it and she said, Im going to get baptized! WHOOHOO! Im going to be here. I am just so happy. Shes the BEST investigator! This week I gave her the triple ( BOM, DYC, Perla da gran precisa) and she was sooo happy! Shes already halfway threw DYC! She cried and said hermana root, please dont go home! ugh it will be so hard to leave, i love these people!

ALSO, we are teaching a family from venezuela, but they have a son thats from here. SO we saw him on sunday morning in the street and we invited him to come to church, AND HE CAME! And the argentine people like never go to church! It was AWESOME! He loved it! his name is kennedy and hes 30, he just got a divorse and he said that he felt at peace in the church. He will be the next baptism! He said hes going to pray and I can already tell he will get a testimony!

I had exchanges with Hermana Ostler this week in banfield! It was just like the good ole days when we were comps here. Shes so great and I am so thankful for her. It was good to just talk to someone else who is finishing too. Finishing the mission is weird. You wanna work hard and do all you can but your body is so tired! haha this week I literally almost cried while I was walking. My hip and knee hurts but I just have to keep going. I know that the lord will give me strength! I am so happy to see my family and have time with them. When i think about hugging all fo you it makes me so happy but then i realize that I have to leave this place behind. Its a bitter sweet feeling!

Today I finished the Book of Mormon in spanish, the second time in the mission and it made me so happy. It talks so much about spiritual gifts and christ like attributes and it made me realize that during my mission, the lord has given me so many gifts and I have developed more christ like attributes. All this time representing my savior has made me become more like him. I know the book of mormon is true. For those who have never read it, read it! It will change yourlife!


Well, this week is my last full week of work! I am so excited to find more people. Next week we go to the temple, tour of buenos aires, and such, so its time to use this time with wisdom!

Hey, and for all of you oregon people, i may not know too much about politics and I have no idea whats going on the states, but I do know one thing. We should be disciples of christ AT ALL TIMES. Never make a fool of yourself ¨defending¨a political belief. We should stand up for what is true and right, but we should never hurt people in the process. And, trust in the lord. We will ALL be okay! And, all of these things are signs of the second coming, so we should happy that Christ is a little bit closer :) 

Ether 12:41

 41 And now, would commend you to seek this Jesus ofwhom the prophets and apostles have written, that thegrace of God the Father, and also the Lord Jesus Christ,and the Holy Ghost, which beareth record of them, may beand abide in you forever. Amen.

Let us all seek this jesus and be more like him!

Love you all!

Hermana Root

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