Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ups and Downs (10/12/15)

hi family, 
I have lots of positives, negatives, and lots of funny stories. 

This week we had interviews with president! I made the goal to go out with a bang! I dont want to let up and i´m going to find ALL the people that need me in these last 3 months. And mom, i go home the 25th of january!

This week I had exchanges with Hermana Flake from Arizona. We have been like best friends during the whole mission so I was so happy to go with her! Shes in Ciudad Evita, where the temple is and we had a wonderful exchange. Shes training and her companion wants to go home so she asked me what we could to to help her sweet comp stay. After a hard core study sesh we came up with the idea to make a scripture can! we filled it will motivational scriptures and wrote her a cute note! THE MISSION IS THE BEST! We dont want her to go home. We then ate ice cream and found NEW INVESTIGATORS!! 

Funny story, we were doing a contact and this lady was like you know what, I believe jesus had a beard so sometimes when I dont get what I want I just pray and I say, HEY THERE little bearded man, you arent being very good! I laughed so hard and I said I think maybe your confusing him for santa. hahah

ALSO, we were contacting a less active and I clapped my hands outside the door (because no one has doorbells) AND THEIR DOG LIFTED ITS LEG AND PEED ON ME!! It was SOO gross. My comp started laughing SOOO hard. And then I worked the whole day smelling like pee. 

Speaking of little animals, yesterday my head was itching, so my comp did a lice check (because everyone whos anyone here has lice, and NO BIG DEAL, i have special little friends in my hair. I LOVE LICE! Our p-day today will be spent taking EGGS out of my hair. 

ALSO, theres been a lot of problems lately with missionaries getting robbed here in Buenos Aires. So we have been having to be super careful! (dont worry mom, I´ve only been robbed one time and now Im in a super good area so it wont happen!)  BUT, this week an elder really wanted to by ice cream so he goes and spends 50 pesos on an ice cream cone. And what happenes? HE GETS ROBBED: But they only robbed his cone! hahaha

YEsterday we went to a less actives house and the rain storm ruined her roof so we helped her clean. We spent 4 hours cleaning her whole house! MOM YOU WOULD HAVE DIED! And then, she said that she had to dye her hair, so what did we do, WE DYED HER HAIR! haha I had nooo idea what we were doing but we got in our service hours for the week!! 

You never really know what will happen here in Banfield! 

BUT on a more serious note, we are teaching a man named Walter. HES GREAT! but hes a leader of his church and he has a LOT of questions. SOO, its SUPER hard to teach him. Nbd, tonight president thurgood is going to go with us to teach him!! IM SO NERVOUS but president is going to show him whats up, using the spirit of course! haha

Yeah so that was week! LETS HOPE THIS ONE ISNT SO CRAZY!


and I probably wont write many of you personal letters, I have to do a college application! TILL NEXT WEEK!

1. Nbd, someone grafitied the church! it says basically, the church of the wholagins!
2. Our companionship in a photo
3. Hermana Flake! 

4. Lice checking! YAYY!

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