Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And my new companion is... (11/2/15)

Hola hola hola!
Guess what?? 
We had transfers and guess what.. 
WHOOOO! I´ll be staying here in Banfield 1 for 6 more weeks and Im pretty sure hermana silva will be my last companion! SHES AWESOME! And we are sooo excited!
im really sad Hermana Ostler is leaving me. 

Wow, what a week! Literally each week goes by sooo fast and I cannot believe I only have 2 transfers left. WE ARE ALREADY IN NOVEMBER! THIS IS INSANE! 

So, this week we had an AWESOME district meeting. Remember the story I shared in sacrament meeting for my farewell talk? Its called I´ll find you my friend and it made me really think about my purpose her in Argentina. Its not a coincidance that I am here or that I have met the people I´ve met. I know that the Lord sent me here to meet the wonderful people i´ve met and I promised them I would come and find them. Today is the day I should be finishing my mission and I feel a lot of mixed feelings. I am sad that I am not able to see my family, but I am 100% happy that I am here and able to keep bringing the people here the gospel. There is a reason why I needed to come back to the mission and why I need to serve these next 3 months here and I will talk to everyone and find all the people the lord is preparing. 

This week I had intercambios with Hermana Alanocca from Boliva. WOW, what a humbiling experience. She is a convert and she told me how her father abandoned her while she was a child. She started working when she was 8 years old and she was abused physically if she didnt bring food home each day. She started going to church when she was about 14 years old and shes been active since. Her mother never told her she loved her until the day that she left for the mission. She has only 6 weeks here and she is struggling because the mission is demanding physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Basically the whole exchange she cried to me and asked me how she could feel better about herself and I remembered that my District leader had given us the story You are Special. So i read it with her and I made her tell me how she thought her heavenly father felt about her. She started to cry and she realized just how much God loves her. But being honest, it was hard for me. I cannot help but ask why did she born in these circumstances and I was born in such a wonderful country, familiy, at the gospel? I am so blessed. I can see just how PERFECT my life is. Far too often we complain for everything we dont have and dont see what we do have. I love being able to be a sister training leader because I get to know these girls and see how the gospel has changed their lives and made them the missionaries they are today. 

We also had to give a workshop this week in our Mission Leadership Council and it was AWESOME! We had to talk about consagration and we read like 100 talks and ideas but we realized that to become a consagrated missionary you JUST have to put gods will above your own. THE moment you stop worrying about what others think and just think about what the LORD thinks, thats when you are consagrated! So we used the  You are special story and said the quote: You are special because I made you and I dont make mistakes! ITS TRUE! GOD DOESNT MAKE MISTAKES. We just have to be obedient, follow the spirit, and THEN just confide in the Lord. HE LOVES US AS WE ARE! 

Yeah so thats basically what I learned this week. Lots of other funny things. My comp fell down stairs, we found some AWESOME investigators, I went to a halloween party dressed as a cat, and I LOVE PREACHING THE WORD!

and just so you know, I know that todays a really hard day for everyone but, I know what 1 year ago today, my favorite uncle went to a better place and I know what today hes looking down saying that hes a lot happier and that he watches over us everyday. Lets remember Uncle Al today, but lets try and remember that because of the plan of salvation, we are going to be a forever family and we will be together forever. 

I love you!!

1.My new comp, HERMANA SILVA y hermana edgar in the transfer meeting today!
2. Banfield 1 MISSIONARIES!

5. Stake halloween party!
6. BEST INVESTIGATOR EVER! And we had matching costumes
7. Hermana Edgar and I 

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