Sunday, January 17, 2016

Temple and Tonsils (9/28/15)

Hi family, WHAT A WEEK! LITERALLY, we had a little bit of everything but I´m happy and im almost 21!! WHOOOOO IM SO OLD!!!!!!!! 

So, I started my first day off in Banfield 1 SOOOOOO SICK! I hate going to the doctor here so i tried to cure me with essential oils but after 3 days it didnt work, so I had to go to the HIGH QUALITY hospitals we have here in south america and i had TONSILITIS! I literally was DEAD! But, after 2 days of sleeping, I am all good and feel all better but I still am so tired of blowing my nose every 2 seconds. If the ward didnt notice there was a new missionary, they sure did when they heard me blowing my nose during the sacrament. What a great first impression!! 

Basically my companion is the best and we get along so well. We havent spoke english in a long time so we speak in english in the apartment and its so funny! We have lost all of our grammar and we have a hard time speaking!! But i am getting a little better! Dont worry family, by the time I get home I will be all ready to speak to you in a little english. 

We SAW SOOO many miracles this week! First off, we got a reference from a member named Walter. He is a baptist pastor, has a lot of knowledge of the bible, his wife reciently died, and hes literally SOO awesome. We got to his house with the member and he let us right in. We started teaching the restoration and he said you know what girls, theres something different about you. We explained how it was the spirit and he said that we can come back. Hes reading the book of mormon faithfully and in search of a testimony. Literally HE IS SO PREPARED! He told us that its a big risk hes taking listening to us because if his members knew they would be very disappointed but he feels like we have something he needs!! GOD IS PREPARING THE PEOPLE!!!!! I know he will get baptized! I know it! 

ALSO! My trainer finished the mission here and in the area book we saw a family that she taught. We went to visit them and the mom and her 3 kids have a testimony of the church, but she is married to a man who she is now separated from and shes now living with another man. So in order to get baptized she needs to get divorsed from the 1st man and marry the 2nd. Well she told us that her husband doesnt want to give his information so they can get divorsed so what did my companion and I do, WE CALLED HIM. I was like hello, I am calling in behalf of Romina. We need your information so file a divorse. And hes like ok, from what law firm are you calling from? and I was like well, actually, we are missionaries and we just want to help her live the commandments of god. Just help us out! And he was like If you think I am giving my info to two missionaries, think again! And he hung up on us.. so we both have learned that being lawyers is not in our future! 

BUT, her boyfriend right now NEVER listeneed to the missionaries. He was really hard headed. BUT we came up with the idea to go to the temple with them. We invited him AND HE WENT! Saturday we went to the temple and they LOVED IT! He just kept saying wow, i feel so happy here. We taught a lesson in the waiting room about how they can be together forever and Juan (the boyfriend) started to cry and said what do i have to do to have an eternal family? And we explained how him and romina had to get married and then baptized, then sealed in the temple, and if they stayed faithful all their lives they would be able to be an eternal family. And he said we are going to do it. We are going to get your divorse done, we are going to get baptized, and we are going to do this because I know that what these girls are saying is true. I have never felt like this before. AHHHH! I started crying! I was just so happy. ETERNAL FAMILIES ARE REAL and God gave me the opportunity to know these people and bring them this blessing. 

Yeah so thats what my week has been! Everyone enjoy conference and listen carefully. AND EAT PUMPKIN PIE FOR ME ON MY BIRTHDAY! WHOOO FOR BEING 21!!!!!!!!!

love you all!

see you in 4 months!

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