Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hola, Merry Christmas! (12/28/15)

HOLA merry christmas, 
so guess what. 
this week my email will be horrible because I am sitting at a stupid computer that just DELETED MY WHOLE EMAIL! I SPENT HALF HOUR WRITING IT AND IT DELETED IT!! ughhhh. 

okay, so this week was LONG. It was also awesome. Have I mentioned that its like 300 degrees here and the humitity is killing me?
Christmas night i got heat stroke and I have been puking for 3 days. Its okay, I will be fine. Lets just hope the heat doesnt kill me before i get home. I promise you, I will get off the plane and go straight to do snow angles in the snow... I CANNOTT TAKE THIS HEAT. 
Okay, i am done being negative haha

Now the happy things. 
THis week was full of miracles. We made the goal to double our contacts. We normally talk to 50-80 people a week and this week we talked to more than 150! Alot werent very interested but we have 16 that told us that we could come by and teach them! whooohooo!

Christmas was fun. We had a sleepover with 4 other missionaries and it was very fun. We were able to focus on the savior and the true meaning of christmas. 

We did an activity with the youth this week and we gave away books of mormon! 62!! they all loved it. We wrapped them up with wrapping paper and we went out and gave them away! It was an awesome experience. I love it when people can see that missionary work is fun! Its not hard, we just have to love people and share the gospel because we love them!! 

A member gave me a watermellon for christmas. I am happy. 

I am sweating SO MUCH in this internet cafe and I am SOO ready for snow! haha But, i am going to keep working hard and going strong till the end. I know this church is true and I know that all the people need to know about the savior and thats why i will keep going! Even though its hot and im tired, ILL KEEP GOING! 

I hope we can all make some goals this new years to be more like the savior. 
Hes the best role model and he will teach us all we need to know! 

I LOVE you all! 

1. santa brought me a watermelon!
2. We had a white elephant party and guess what I gave, a dead cockroach in a jar whoohoo
3. Hermana Colocimo!
4. Our christmas gifts

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