Tuesday, January 19, 2016

feliz año nuevo!! (1/4/16)

Hi family, 
HAPPY 2016!! Hope you are all doing great and that you had the best new years! 
This week was, exhausting! BUT, WAYYY better than last week! It wasnt SOO hot and we saw a LOT of miracles. 

We started off the week with interviews with president thurgood. It was my last interview as a missionary! my last one will be the day before I finish the mission. We talked about all the things I have learned and he told me, ¨Hermana Root, I dont think i´ve ever seen a missionary with so much passion for this work.¨ He told me how he can tell the Lord is proud of me. It just made me feel so happy. I am full of peace. I´ve worked hard these last 18 months and I am so thankful that I have been able to work hard and grow. I have changed so much. This country, these people, these experiences have changed me and I am so grateful that the Lord sent me here to Buenos Aires. 

We then had Leadership council and we talked about all the things we need to make better in the mission. It too was sad because it was my last one. I cant believe all of these things are coming to an end! Im just so grateful for it all!

THEN, new years eve we went to Lanus and 6 of us missionaries had a sleepover! we slept outside on their balcony and watched the fireworks. It was so awesome. We drank sparkeling cider and watched tangled and it was so awesome. All 6 of us are going to finish our missions in 2016 so we all made goals and plans to keep sharing the gospel and to keep growing! It was sad thinking that I wont be able to pass another year in the full time service of the lord but I will ALWAYS be a missionary, I will always be Hermana Root and I will always be faithful and share the gospel! Because it makes me happy! 

We then had exchanges. I was with Hermana Feldermann and it was so fun! We were able to talk to many and find new investigators! This week we found 3 people! Luis, Florina, and Eluz and they all have baptism dates for January 30th! I wont be here but I am so happy that I get to teach them and prepare them. 
We had an AWESOME experience with Luis! We taught the restoration and we gave him a book of mormon. We invited him to pray with us asking God if it was true. In his prayer he said, God, i dont need to ask thee if these things are true because I know, I remember all of this. I know that these girls are telling the truth, i can feel it. I started to tear up. I realized that here in the mission we dont teach, we just help people REMEMBER! They all learned all of these things before this life, they have just forgotten it. My job is to remind them! It was such a beautiful experience!

Basically, I am just so happy to be a missionary. I only have 3 more weeks to invite people to come unto christ and I will do it with ALL the strength I have. I know this church is true. I know that these people need to know it too. I am just so full of gratitude. Each day I want to be a better person because I want to be more like my savior! We should all put goals to be more like him, because he is the perfect example! 

ALMA 7:23 
Let this be our new years resolution!
23 And now would that ye should be humbleand besubmissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full ofpatience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things;being diligent in keeping the commandments of Goat alltimes; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in needbothspiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto Godfor whatsoever things ye do receive.

Love you all!!!

1. Exchanges with Hermana Feldermann from Minesota
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