Sunday, January 17, 2016


Hi familiy, 
Okay no big deal I just started crying in this Internet cafe.. OH MY GOSH I AM AN AUNT. AND SHES A GIRL. Shes SOOOO CUTE! I cant wait to meet her! You all need to to tell her that she has a super awesome aunt (the best aunt) and that shes going to get to meet me in just a few months. Congrats Nena and Kev.. Shes a belleza !

Wow, seriously if you all thought me falling in the poop ditch was funny just wait till you hear what happened this week. My companion and I literally have THE WORST LUCK but we both are hilarious so we never stop laughing. So on monday night my companion was telling me how see saw lice in the hair of the kids we were teaching monday night. We had a family home evening with a less active family and so shes like hermana will you check my hair for lice and I was like yeah sure! theres no way you have it, NO BIG DEAL SHE HAD LICE! ( i didnt have it, THANK GOSH! ) So, it was 9 pm and we have to be in the pench at 9:30 so we left running to by a comb and vinegar. Our neighbor told us vinegar kills lice. We got home and I soaked her hair in vinegar and the whole house smelled HORRIBLE! We then put a plastic bag over her head and we waited an hour and we go upstairs to wash it out, nbd, we had no water! (argentina is super ghetto and always likes to cut the water just because they can ) MY COMP HAD TO SLEEP WITH VINEGAR IN HER HAIR! haha we woke up and we still had to water so we had to get on the bus and go to the house of the closest missionaries in Monte Grande. She showered and I had to spend like 3 hours combing her hair! And then we put mayonesa in her hair ( I remember that Christy taught me that Maynese kills lice) haha Now my companion is lice free but our house still smells like vinegar. And we had to live 3 days without water. My investigators saw a whole new side of hermana root. haha

But, we had the BEST week. We found 5 new investigators and they all have baptism dates! SUCCESS COMES FROM THE MEMBERS! We got a lot of references this week and that is how we are successful! ALSO, we were able to do a little tracting this week and literally everyone opened their door. NEVER IN MY MISSION THAT HAS HAPPENED! God is seriously preparing the hearts of the people. My area is super sketchy and ghetto but I love it so much! All the little kids in the street are getting used to us now and we play soccer with them when we pass by. These people live in the poorest conditions but they are so happy and so willing to learn. I am so blessed to be a missionary here. I LOVE GUILLÖN! 

We had stake conference yesterday and they talked about our observace of the sabbath day. We all need to step that up! Sunday is much more than just going to church. We need to dedicate the day to the lord! 

Yeah so basically I am super happy and I love being a missionary! 

besos y abrazos!

Hermana Root

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