Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blessings (9/14/15)

Hi hi family! oh my word, its already monday. This is scaring me just how fast the weeks go by!!

 My companion and I just went to a hair school here in Guillon to get our hair cut for free. Surprisingly they didnt mess our hair up too bad. The things we do to save money... 

 Let me tell you! We have seen a lot more miracles, have a lot more funny stories, and we are still happy little missionaries here in Luis Guillon!!

So basically we live without power. Theres something going on here in our city and we NEVER have power. We had to use our gas stove for lights and had to shower in the dark for 3 days. Everyone who has EVER said i am high maintance, you should take that back. haha I am getting used to showering with cold water, never having running water, and never have lights! I LOVE MY GHETTO PIONEER LIFE!

Funny story, this week I was riding my bike and right as I crossed a busy intersection, my pedal, yes my pedal, COMPLETELY FELL OFF! I have never seen such a thing but I now have a bike with one pedal... everyone laughed at me in that was watching. Im embarrassed. My companion had a melt down and said ya know what, the missionaries in the states have their nice cars with air conditioning and I have my bike that barely has brakes! haha Sometimes we feel a little picked on for being in an area so ghetto but WE LOVE IT! Because, there will never be another time in our lives that we live so ghetto! HAHA

Miracles!! This week we made the goal to do a LOT of contacts and talk with everyone. We found a woman named Soledad and she is GOLDEN! She was sitting on a curb smoking (I always talk to the smokers haha) and I started talking to her and she said that shes been praying to find a church and she wants to learn more. AND WE FOUND HER! Shes SOO awesome! Its insane how god just puts the people where we are and we just open our mouths and we have exactly what they need to hear. Its the best!!

We are teaching a less active family, Familia Rojas and they are SOO awesome. We made them a promise that if they went to church these 4 sundays of september that they would have a change in their life. SOO hermana rojas has been suffering with health problems for over 9 months and they have gone to church these 2 sundays for the first time in YEARS and she just told us that they found out she has a syst (idk how to spell it ) in her brain and they are going to take it out and her problems will be solved. After 9 months of testing, going to church was what gave her the blessings to help the doctors find out whats wrong! MIRACLES ARE REAL!

ALSO, we found a new investigator from peru named Sesi! SHES AWESOME! She is divorsed and has a little girl thats 7. Her dad has reciently died and we taught the plan of salvation and she started crying when we explained how families can be together forever. WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE! 

ALSOOOOO, we got to go to the temple again! We brought 6 investigators and gave a tour and taught them about temple marriage! We went saturday in the morning with sandra and her two boys luciano and juan. THEY LOVED IT! She cant be baptized because her boyfriend doesnt want to get married but she told us how she never wanted to leave the temple! WE went back saturday night with a recient convert and her daughters and we had the COOLEST lesson! Literally, this has been the best week!!

Yeah so i love the mission and this week is transfers and i pray I dont go! I hve 7 months here in Guillon but hermana latoja and I are working so well together that I dont want a change! bUT I will go where the lord wants me to go! 


Hasta luego familia!

1. Birthday cake I made for Hermana Dunlop
2. Hermana Lita!
3. Rainy Day
4. The Villa!
5. the relief society president, sandra, juan, and luciano!

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